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  1. No offense, but I think its pretty bad that you are acknowledging that in most case GPU acceleration is not working and telling people to just turn it off. I look forward to seeing improvement in this area.
  2. I wouldn't hold my breath on anything good 3D wise out of Adobe. Every attempt to date has been less than impressive. Even with Maxon's help, they still struggle in this area. For a company that is so deeply involved in the creative community, I've been amazed that they still follow so far behind in 3D, and never developed any serious 3D platform. They should have tried to acquire one of the major players years ago but missed that boat.
  3. Mylenium is spot on. Vizrt is pretty much a platform that runs almost every major TV network out there. ESPN, FOX, CBS, CNN, NFL Network, Univision, SKY, ect... Its basically, broadcast content management tool. By that I mean that it runs everything, from insert graphics, set content, monitor walls, virtual sets, tickers, wings, interstitials, wipes, bumps, closes, ect. Its not really a motion graphics tool, at the core its and OpenGL render, so its similar to Unity, Unreal or Element 3D. Its a game engine that was specifically built for broadcast. The real power of Viz is that it lets you customize anything you want in the scene, you are literally playing out your project files on air, everything is customizable right up until it is played out. As a VizRT Artist you spend half your time designing, or taking a design done in C4D and re-creating it to run in real-time (60 FPS, I wish it were 30 . There is lots of programing involved, once you have the look approved, you need to rig a scene so that you can swap out logos, text, 3d models, ect. The old method was to have a designer create a 3D project, and AE project and you would need to version hundreds of elements, you would literally have a team of people who were devoted to version every logo matchup. ect. Now with Viz you can just type in a team code and it swaps out all the materials, textures, ect. Kinda like xref, but better. The downside is that its not a compositor. Just like a game engine you need to do all your compositing right there in the 3D scene. That is why lots of artist freak out when they first get their hand on it. The simply don't know what to do. Also when you have to stay about 60 fps there are compromises. Textures need to be baked, models need to be optimized, ect. AaromaKat Your version of a VizRT Artist is actually called a Trio operator, basically they are just calling up graphic that a Viz Artist has made and filling them out, and yeah nobody wants to do that. I work as a Viz Artist at a major network and I would say that they are in extremely high demand, mostly because its such a complex system and you are in charge of running the network day in and day out. Hope that clears up some misinformation. If your interested in realtime 3D motion graphics try touch designer http://www.derivative.ca/ not really used in broadcast but for concerts and interactive things. Hope that helps.
  4. You need to turn on Global Illumination. You get color bleeding, where the color spills off of the object and on to another. Hope that helps.
  5. Hey Guys. I work for one of the major sports network. We are looking for some good Vizrt people. Does anyone on these boards have experience with Viz let me know, we have some job openings. I forgot the positions are in LA. Thanks.
  6. Hey Guys. I work for one of the major sports network. We are looking for some good Vizrt people. Does anyone on these boards have experience with Viz let me know, we have some job openings. I forgot the positions are in LA. Thanks.
  7. I moved out to LA this past June and so far have loved it. I was in the same boat. I'm actually married and 4 kids so space was an issue and raising a family in the mid-west is a lot different than LA. I choose the route of taking a long commute over living in the city. I know it's not for everyone, but for me and my family we make it work. My job is really flexible so I'm typically 7-3p so the commute isn't so bad. I would say that you'll get a lot more bang for your buck the further you are away, but you'll be trading off for a longer day. Plus people in LA just tend to work longer than other places. Another trade off is you just get paid more out here. Housing is way more expensive, but other items are not as expensive as housing is. To be honest, it might be hard to come out here and not have something lined up thought. I don't want to discourage you but you can burn through some serious cash out here if you not working. Hope that helps, best of luck.
  8. I had mine do that. I called tech support one time and they told me to slam the eraser side down on the pad, and guess what, it went back to normal. I don't know but its worth a try.
  9. andy1010

    AE CS 5.5

    I am I the only one who feels like this is a half baked effort on Adobe's part. AE is the only product that I saw any real upgrades too. The web guys are getting more jquery tools, but that should have been in the last release of Dreamweaver. I think they are going to have some unhappy customers. At least for us there are some improvements to AE. What do you think about the subscription?
  10. I agree. I need to be careful. The union rep said to ask for a Personal Service Agreement. He said that I can negotiate any terms I want as far as paid time off or salary. There are minimums in place for what I can make but no maximums. I think that I need them to give me a PSA of at least two years for me to make the move. I don't want to go out there and be an at will employee. What is the going day rate for a good 3D / AE guy at a major studio? Working for ABC, Fox or NBC? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Next week I have an interview in LA for one of the big networks. I can't say to much about the position at this point. It is a union position but classified as a day hire. I'm a little nervous because my current position is a salaried staff position. I talked to the union rep out there and he said that everyone in the department is classified as day hires. They say that it is typical out there. Is this true? The nice thing is that they will pay healthcare and 401k. I'm just scared that I'm going to get out there and then after a year they drop me when I've helped them setup all the network branding. Anyone have a bad experience as a day hire?
  12. I bought Grid Iron 2 a while back. Worst product I ever bought for AE, wish I could have got my money back. Endless crashes, and emails to the company, actually wasted a bunch of my time. I tried flow or whatever its called and the thing made a huge 20gb index file on my hard drive that took forever to get rid of. Needless to say not my favorite company.
  13. That is because it is built into the switcher. It is automatically programed into the replay sources. It is hardcoded into the replay sources so that when you take a replay it automatically wipes in and wipes out. The NFL games are run of RCS's uppercut system. It is a touch screen switcher.
  14. I use photo jpg. Its good quality and light weight, when I'm not using alpha channels. I work with Avid Editors alot so I end up rendering to Avid codecs as well, but photo jpg transcodes a lot faster than animation in my opinion.
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