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  1. Hey look, that's me! For the record, incase anyone didn't know... with Octane that's absolutely what you get. 4 Titans is almost exactly 4x as fast as 1 Titan. Simple as that. The RAM doesn't add (the scene has to fit on the RAM of each card simultaneously), but the cores do...
  2. froj

    C4D R16

    Be under no illusion.. This is not what you think it is. It's for adjusting UVs of cylindrical objects, that's it. Bodypaint is virtually unchanged (again). Kind of surprised how many people are excited about magic solo being implemented, it's always nice to reduce the plugin folder size, but it's been a free tiny plugin that should have been docked in your layout for ages already. Definitely some nice stuff, deformers falloff finally doesn't need a convoluted workaround, bevel deformer, polygon tools seem interesting, looks like a lot of cool new things in the content browser actually. Oh, and are we all just going to ignore that awesome motion graphics announcement video?
  3. pretty sure the answer is a straight no, Bodypaint is long overdue some modern features or a complete rewrite. Fell from industry leader to bottom of the barrel. Look elsewhere for painting at the moment...
  4. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/animators-new-favorite-software-animation-paper I almost wish this was more expensive so they wouldn't need quite so many backers to fund it. At $59 this looks incredible. I've been animating in PS lately, and I actually really like it.. especially to be able to use all the familiar brushes etc. However it's pretty clunky to actually start from nothing. With all the recent Adobe outcry and the call for independent developers to make alternative, streamlined tools... I for one would be super disappointed if this didn't make it out the gate Cheers
  5. This guy has very convincing watercolour brushes and presets. Watch the video.. https://gumroad.com/kyletwebster
  6. I might be oversimplifying this but can you not just stick a plain effector in your camera?
  7. QT7 = opens as usual QTX = 'converts' to something (I didn't even save it to check what yet) then plays fine Spacebar = No preview, displays as a 0kb mov file when you try. It's perculiar considering Animation codec (possibly due to alphabetical reasons) is the default for QT exports out of AE and C4D QT previews. I rarely use Animation anyway but it just so happened to be one of the first types of file I tried to open on my trial run Mavericks on my laptop. Waited a while before installing it on my Mac Pro but I really want the dock and menu bar across all my screens (monitor, Cintiq, TV)
  8. Can't wait to finally try this. I also can't believe it's free! (I also don't believe it will be long before this is native, here's hoping!)
  9. Absolutely, your last reel was all kinds of slick so I can't wait to see it!
  10. yeah I think unlucky is the word, like you say my typography has been up there for a year already, if I'm being honest if anything that type of 2D sequence was my take on what I Love Dust have been doing for a couple of years with their fun logo transforms. I loved watching Binky's thing recently (and reading his posts for 5 years) but I can assure you the similarity here is coincidental. I don't think I have to defend myself too strongly on this, a quick glance at my site from anyone should dispell any thoughts that I'm trying to ride anyone's coat tails or copy any given tutorial of the month. Alas, I agree that some people might share your thoughts but it's something I can live with. Just trying out some fun 2D photoshop animation... Cheers! (and yes, I thought exactly the same. How the hell could I put a Black Flag song over the top of a fucking MTV or bank logo? haha)
  11. I don't think I've ever posted a reel here, must be too intimidating! www.mattfrodsham.com
  12. At least they didn't just change the dollar to a pound sign, but that's about £700 extra than the conversion. But now they're small enough to sneak through customs! Haha
  13. Credit to him, I'm the most cynical bastard regarding all these guys who seem to focus only on making tutorials 'for others' rather than actually doing some work and gaining experience first (I recently saw for myself how adding any kind of technical bullshit to a site drives up traffic..) but it seems he genuinely just wants to learn things then teach those things... Whether it's thinking particles or jesus articles!
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