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  1. Our team was always small and compact, the biggest we got was 7/8 in 2008 when I left for London. Yeah, Bill's an animation genius. He designed the character, animatics and directed the whole thing (the only part of the character design I can take credit for is Jesse's colour palette) who was then animated by the 3d department in the vfx division. I then bought him into flash, designed and animated all the environments / secondary animations & secondary characters in flash. As far as the some clips being in other reels - I can't deny the possibility since a lot of projects are group efforts. How do you know Bill Stewart?
  2. Hey everyone, I recently launched a new website for my work and showreel, here are the links below: http://vimeo.com/31195609 http://www.peterkienetz.com/ Peter
  3. Hi, I'm working in c4d and am trying to find a easy system for having connecting curved splines connect various cities positioned on a globe. All the cities are in place (specific cities, not random imaginary ones) as lights positioned around the surface of the globe. I'm trying to find an easy way to have splines immediately connected between all the cities, as well with a curve, similar to those diagrams showing flights going to different cities. I would then use these splines with spline wrap or sweep nurds to create the trajectory paths from city to city. Right now I'm doing it the tedious way, putting two cities in the tracer, converting the connected trace to a spline, modifying a curve for each path and it's taking a long time. http://www.revostock.com/After-Effects-Project/364322/Space-and-Earth-Media-Panels-3.htm Thanks in advance. Peter
  4. Hi, I've got a project I'm working on in the moment in which I have to do adjustments and modifications to a sphere to give the sense of audio moving through it. The sphere is made up of horizontal strips with a bit of thickness. I've done some initial tests using mograph modifiers + sub poly displacement and various settings using random (turbulence and noise setting) effectors and shader effector. Now I've been asked to refresh this idea and actually make the horizontal strips respond to the audio of the piece. Not literally or directly, like the mograph sound effector but like as though you had a guy/or girl holding one end of a blanket creating small and large flicks in sync to the audio and thus causing waves that move away from him through the blanket. So A. It needs to respond to the audio and B. The waves that move horizontally through the horizontal strips as a result would look almost representative of the actual waveform, except a lot smoother. Highly complicated question, I know. Any ideas? I already have one solution using the cloth modifier, effecting the cloth with a scaling cube synced to the audio which flicks the cloth into waves and then rendering it as a depth map and bringing it back into mograph as a shader but am obviously open to simpler solutions! Cheers, Peter
  5. Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for and way better then the Xpresso solution I was working with.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know, when using mograph, how to export cloner object data (null for each clone created) into afx? I've created a sort of a rolodex animation and will need to deliver it to clients so that they can replace the images on the cards within after effects. One of my colleagues suggested looking into using xpresso for this. Any insight would be helpful. PS: Other then the replacing of card images in afx, I would prefer to keep the animation in C4D for various reasons.
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