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  1. Yeah, it gives the same error and just imports a wav from the project.
  2. Is there any way to open / import an After Effects project that gives you a 'missing data in file' error? I'm guessing not, in which case i'm fucked.
  3. I've got a composition containing layers with particular applied to them, and nested comps containing particular layers. Is there any way to set all instances of particular to motion preview, or even just hide all the particular effects?
  4. SlimJim


    Yeah, I definitely need to do more none rap stuff. I mainly work on art/animation for video games and just do music videos on the side. I'd like to get into broadcast/commercial work, but at the minute apart from the odd corporate thing the rap videos are the only chance I get to do any motion graphics. I'm planning on doing a few personal projects that I can add to my showreel to give it more variety, I just need to find the time...
  5. Really nice. I've seen your stuff around quite a lot. I think I like the sick at the end the best!
  6. SlimJim


    Hello. I've just (slightly) updated my website/showreel: http://www.slimjimstudios.com I should have full versions of each video on there tomorrow... Cheers! Jim
  7. Make sure you've got fast previews set to Adaptive Resolution rather than OpenGL. OpenGL tends to do stuff like this.
  8. SlimJim


    You can't please everyone. Do you have any thing to show of the project?
  9. I hated the music. (not really)
  10. The Cold War made me laugh.
  11. SlimJim


    Loaded fine for me. My main comment would be that it doesnt feel like theres a great deal of motion going on in the reel, a fair chunk of it is just camera pans over mostly stilll images and the motion that is in there is pretty minimal. Most of the cuts hold on the last frame for too long, the leaf bit in particular just seemed really long when there wasnt really anything to look at. The 3D stuff with the cars seems a bit pointless too...maybe if you were trying to showcase some modelling skill but even then it doesnt show a lot. They should at least be textured.
  12. I love the 80s, and I love this. It's perfect.
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