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  1. I've never seen GPU integration working properly on any machine (In AE and PS), both mac and pc...(with different high end GPUs) ...The only place GPU rendering works consistently is within PP...I want it to stay far away from AE and PS unless its fixed from the buggy mess it currently is. 6 years of terrible GPU integration has put me off, i don't see it working anytime in the near future. I hope to see better CPU performance in the future.
  2. There were some 3D props, like the skulls, chains, tree branches, cracking seal, and exploding ground at the end that used Element 3D. Most of the textures were flat or just used the diffuse channel to match the concept art. All the background art was just standard AE 3d layers. (This was before they released the update that included the .obj sequences) *We made it last year, but missed some tech integration into the game engine...so we had to sit on it for a while.
  3. Hey guys! Just thought I'd share this cinematic (from the PC game Guild Wars 2) our team was finally able to release. We ended up rendering the character models through a model viewer in-engine because we couldn't replicate the shaders and textures in maya. It was kind of a crazy pipeline to go from game->maya->model viewer->AE...but i think it worked out pretty well, aside from a little slip and slide with the animation. Special thanks to Andrew Kramer for the Element 3D plugin...It really helped us with render time and quick iterations. The team was average sized (and we worked on a bunch of other projects during the 3 months it took) 3 motion graphic artists 1 tech artist 1 concept artist 2 animators (we are also hiring a senior level motion graphics artist -Full time -on-site...check out the listing in the job forums if you are interested)
  4. Is that Ed Begley doing the VO...Im sure it is...its all i can think about now.
  5. Not only do my videos have strange audio sync issues, but im seeing wide variation between chrome and firefox on many videos. Even stuff on the front page.
  6. What about all the studios that work in a locked down enviroment? No internet. Ever. Companies like Autodesk alow you to work in a sealed enviroment. But your telling us we are stuck with CS6 forever. :*0
  7. Nice work! I really like the look and feel of everything. Its pretty cool to see the "motion-comic-look" evolve over time and incorporate more 3D...Its also a pain in the ass because the workflow is a lot more complex than just pushing layers around in AE.
  8. Have you tried turning on ClearType? I think you could get a Dell ultrasharp for a decent price. HP and NEC make good LCDs. Get an IPS i think. I just pulled this out of my ass, but i think its correct.
  9. I have an OBJ that contains a bunch of separate models floating in 3D space. When I bring the OBJ into element 3d the distance between the models in z depth looks to be in miles as opposed to inches. As you can see the space between the models in AE is crazy off....Is there a solution? The cage in the middle of the AE shot should be the same as the one on the far right.
  10. I have built a rig of multicolored triangular facets in AE with the corner pin tool. Each point is parented to a null so that they can be individually animated. In-between each facet is a shitty thin gap of alpha. For some reason the edges don't line up...even though they are parented to the same point. Ive tried different chokes and strokes, but I lose the sharp edges. My current solution is the beam effect between each null to fill the gap, but its unreliable and leaves a little "tip" or "gap" at the points where the facets merge. Ive also tried alpha add blend mode which does little to nothing. Anyone have any ideas or tips? I'd do this in 3D but it needs to be in AE. Thanks. :0
  11. Thats when you say "fuck it" and go to istock in search of a photo of 2 guys looking excited while holding N64 controllers. Done.
  12. once again... What is the world coming to. (movie looks like shit btw)
  13. Is it a new trend to show the entire movie in a trailer? Fuck these editors/studios. I feel like this has been getting worse in the last year or so. Case in point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFFh25DmPNU Note that I have no desire to see this movie...but what the hell!.... Why would you even need to see it after watching this trailer. I also watched an extended Captain America trailer before the latest transformers movie...and im pretty sure the idiot editor went through the entire movie and grabbed a 3 second clip at every 10 min mark. No one is forcing me to watch these trailers...but shit!...its irritating that I have to plug my ears and close my eyes to avoid spoilers during the previews at the theater. maybe we are just getting closer to "idiocracy." edit: i want to see more of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms4mKKw6nbA&feature=player_detailpage#t=39s
  14. http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/truelegend/
  15. I honestly dont understand how anyone can work off an external drive with any type of critical data. I have had data corrupted on multiple esata enclosures as well as using USB. Even people at work with high end drobo units have their shit corrupted occasionally. I never work off external anymore... I had a 1TB HD mess up on a USB transfer and it looked like 600gb was gone...but i unplugged it, powered down, then ran a disk check for errors (pc) All the data was there in the end.
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