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  1. Can you post a reference? Bezier Splines should be sufficient to draw such shapes.
  2. Try using the Jiggle Deformer with Standard Particle Forces.
  3. I'm in the same boat, so thanks for all the already shared tips. I just had to access some mac formated hard drives and installed a trial of macdrive standard which makes them available in the Explorer - sweet. http://www.mediafour.com/products/macdrive
  4. Having a SSD as a boot drive had numerous advantages. It's not only faster booting up, also every application will start faster. Your system will feel snappier overall. And don't forget all the unnoticeable temporary caching which is happening in the background – will also make your system faster. And last but not least, no spinning noise
  5. Seems, you are using a map in your Alpha Channel for your leaves. If possible, model your leaves, with so many keyed out leaves behind one another, you'll have to raise your Ray Depth dramatically. And after keyed 499 tree leaves you'll have black borders again.
  6. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composition_(visual_arts) Or did you mean something else?
  7. Grab everything out there about composition. Especially in traditional painting, which has often a lot of stuff to learn from. By the way, copying stuff which you would never do on your own – for learning purposes practiced since hundreds of years.
  8. Paint a nice glow texture and use real world snippets. Or use an Area Light with a Spline as source.
  9. Use a Rail Spline. And next time please strip down your scene to just the culprits.
  10. Just take an Volumetric OmniLight and clone it along your Spline, it's the same mechanism as in 3D Stroke – duplicating Points along a Path with almost no space between each other.
  11. @Mylenium and @rich, could you guys be so kind and make a screencapture of your workflow?
  12. I tried it with 3 Weight Effectors and my spline reacted to them, so that seems to work Keep in mind that the Jiggle Deformer has also a Falloff Tab and one could use a simple polygon object with a couple of vertices for fine controlling the behaviour. Even another spline could be used as a source for the Falloff. In the end you're masking/blending the jiggle effect away as it is calculated for the whole object whatsoever
  13. You're welcome! What exactly are you after? Why baking in weights? You could misuse a Matrix Object and Clone Weights, or TP could be another way.
  14. Are you sure? Weights are stored but there seems to be no indication of actual usage for it, tried it out with a simple deformer…
  15. Just take a Weight Effector (Character Menu), and put it into your Restriction List. Now you can use the Falloff Tab of the Weight Effector as usual.
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