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  1. cashola suure would be great, then i could finally buy a computer and a wacom tablet =)
  2. went to school at ucla where one of the inventors of processing, casey reas, taught. he's genius. those clips look rad btw. i'm guessing you incorporated some ae in it?
  3. updated the case study at http://www.petergng.com/mightypencil
  4. thanks man, means a lot
  5. Hey guys, I just finished my piece i'm entering at the photoshop cut and paste competition. Let me know what you think. View the video here: http://swp.cutandpaste.com/video/111 there's a higher res version here. Also theres a semi completed case study on my website at http://www.petergng.com. Thanks guys! http://www.petergng.com
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