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  1. I thought the intro was cool but was way long. Putting your face on your site and or reel is an ego move for me though. Eric Jordan from 2advanced used to do that shit. (Hey look at me!!)


    Regardless your work is dope. I think you could tighten it up a lot bit. It runs long with a lot of repetition. It doesn't leave me wanting more. Everything in there shows good range and that you know what you're doing, as far as I can tell. Couldn't find credits on your site....


    Thanks for the response Palmer! Yeah I can see the intro being longer than normal.


    Ha no ego trip here :) I wanted to put focus on me going freelance (sort of an underlying/sub conscious idea that I'm capable of doing quality work by myself).


    I do have to say my strong suit isn't editing so the reel could have probably been tighter. My take was mainly to show range in styles and projects.


    When you are on any of the individual project pages right below the main movie/picture is a short sentence saying who the project was for and what my role was.


    I appreciate the honest feedback!

  2. Cool! Actually I thought it was a music video or something and you used some of the assets to create some personalised stuff. Anyway awesome work. The rest is cool too, but more "mainstream" [and I say it not in a bad way]


    Haha thanks man! Yeah I agree everything else is more mainstream (since it's all for television and the same clients). I wanted to make a reel that was different than my company's reel (since most of the work in it was from while I worked there). That's why I made such a long/different intro... something to sort of set myself apart and do something a little more artistic and original. I appreciate the comments!!

  3. I'm suggesting a new rule for mograph.net - if your intro is as awesome as Seth Minnich's, it can be as long as you want it to be.


    Great reel.


    Thanks Dave! The intro took some time to create since I made it by myself in between jobs and free time.

  4. I like your LP cover project... I couldn't get the project list on Chrome, do you have a link to the full project?


    Thanks Mufti! I don't have a project breakdown page for the intro. That was created specifically for my reel (maybe one day I'll add a page for it). All of the other projects featured in the reel are listed below it. Click on any of the individual thumbnails to see the other projects in their entirety.

  5. the outro is pretty cool. not a huge fan of the stuff where you recreate a famous logo and put your name in it.


    the minnichworks (dreamworks) was just an intro i did in college because i needed a beginning to my project...i only have that in my demo cause i needed to fill some time. i created all of the projects in under 2 months in my spare time outside of my day job working at the marriott so thats why the projects aren't too involved.

  6. nice work, love the intro. not to hate on your clients but that bling h2o company may be the worst company i've ever seen, haha.


    thanks man, funny thing is bling h2o is a real company haha their water is like $40 a bottle...insane! i'll stick to my brita filter!

  7. Hey everyone, I'm not to new to the site but finally registered to show my work. Its mostly Cinema 4D.


    My website is back up :) not really much on it (just have it to view/download my demo in higher quality than youtube)


    My website is www.sethminnich.com


    You can also see my demo at youtube:


    Check it and let me know what ya think!


    If you are a company located in San Diego/Los Angeles (or the vicinity) California...I'm looking for work!




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