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  1. hello, Is there a way to clamp a X Position opn after effects on several different values? I've been using this code: x1=1024.3322 x2=1224.1572 clamp(transform.xPosition,x1,x2) if (transform.xPosition>x1) { transform.xPosition=x2; } But that only allows me to snap from one position to another. I'd like to be able to snap into 6 positions (on X dimension). is there a way to do that? I use the Snaped position to get the position value and use in another layer but i really need to be clamped. Thanks, GR
  2. Hello everyone, I've been thinking on visintg London and if i do that i'd like to visit some Mograph studios and shops. Any tips and names? Thanks a lot! GR
  3. Man if theres a way to do this i would love to know too. This is something i miss in particular. GEt only one obscuration layer is just stupid.
  4. Hey guys, How about a list of good Matte painters? I searched here but couldnt find it. Im listing two: http://www.maxvfx.com/ http://www.letual.ca/ Bring some more! Cheers, GR
  5. Hey guys, How about a list of good Matte painters? I searched here but couldnt find. Im listing two: http://www.maxvfx.com/ http://www.letual.ca/ Bring some more! Cheers, GR
  6. Thanks a lot man for putting me on the list! Appreciate it.
  7. Hey Paulo, I have to say.. the beginning of the year was pretty awful for me too... only in march things started to pickup and finally in april i really got to work for real... I was onnly getting small jobs till then. Now im working on a mid-term job, and i hope things keep this way. I have friends in NY who complained a lot... also in Europe... it looks like things are getting slowly better from june... Valeu ai Paulo. Good luck for the rest of the year... for all of us!
  8. Thanks Monovich. I have no idea why it wasnt working before neither. Its looks like exactly what i was doing before. About the rotation, i know about it, i was just using orientation as a second chance since the rotation wasnt working neither. Thanks for the help! My best!
  9. hello there, I`m trying to build a 3D globe on 3D Stroke. Its pretty basic and will work only as a simple element on my composition. But i want to be able to have full control on it on a Null layer. Like Rotation and position. It basically works almost 100%. I can control the position on a 3D space, and some rotation. BUT, i can control all the axis. I have no idea why, so far for me, it doesnt make sense. if i rotate it on the X axis it works perfect, but if i rotate Y or Z some or all of the axis wont rotate properly. here is the file if anyone fell like having a look to help! http://www.gabrielrocha.com/personal/globe.aep PS: in some browsers you will need to save as on the link. Thanks a lot, GR
  10. Awesome.. So thats what index means! nice! Thanks man!
  11. Hi, I've been working with the animated lines with beam. I was already using some expressions myself. but i have to connect a bunch of lines to each other, so what you are saying might work, but i just don`t get it how to use it. How will it work if i just duplicate the layers? Ive done some tests but it didnt work. Should i just past this expressions on the Start and End? I`ve done it and it didnt work. I`m missing something here... Thanks a lot.
  12. hey there, Does anyone have any idea of a good rate/salary for a motio graphic artist in Berlin, germany? this is my website for avaliation: www.gabrielrocha.com Thanks a Lot, GR
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