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  1. Those modes are not possible in 720p. 720p60 is the only 720 mode. On the 7D and 1D you can do 1080p24 & 30 and on the 5D 1080p30. EDIT:Also, Stu over at prolost is about as knowledgeable as they come and he posts all the time about the 5/7D. http://prolost.com/
  2. Avid has some pretty awesome media management tools and is multi threaded, but the learning curve is almost vertical. Very tough to get a hold on the way the program thinks, at least for me it was. FCP seems WAY more intuitive, but lacks some of the horsepower that avid has, of course Final Cut studio is about half the price of Media Composer software. Speaking from a strictly aesthetic perspective, I like FCP way more, the interface looks way better and all the buttons are were I'd expect them to be. I have to admit that I'm and FCP fanboy, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I'm not denying that Avid has some some serious advantages over my baby. I'd still recommend FCP though. =)
  3. I've been running CS4 and Final Cut 7 and noticed that the gamma shift issue with DVCPro HD has all but gone away, which is very nice. However, last night it reared its ugly ahead again further down the post pipeline, in Color. My shots looked great all the way through the roundtrip so I thought all was well until I sent to Color. The gamma was jacked through the roof, everything was way too bright. I went back and re rendered with the "Match Legacy After Effects QuickTime Gamma Adjustments" and everything was perfect. Just wanted to put the word out incase anyone else runs into it.
  4. Figured it out, after digging deeper into some settings I found that the preview was set to go through the I/O card, switched it back to Computer Monitor and its working perfectly. Thats what I get for assuming the clients computer was set up like mine. Sorry for the false alarm, return to business as usual.
  5. CS4, 2 x 3 Ghz Quad Xeon, 16 GB RAM. Ive got my animation, I hit space bar and the Comp window turns dark grey. It renders the frames (The green bar shows up over my timeline) but I can't see the animation. I'm sure its some setting or check box I'm missing, I just don't know what it is. I googled to no avail. Any help is much appreciated.
  6. I'm actually in the show (The tall guy in the front). Its zero budget so we all wear many hats. Write, direct, edit, score. Its all done by 6 guys. It can be a beat down but its cool to get your stuff out into the world.
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to post the open for a show I've been working on for the past couple of months. The show is called Webzeroes and its about 3 dudes trying to get famous on the web. It premiered on Revision3 today. Since the show is out in the world, I can't really change anything, but any thoughts, critiques, or advice would be pretty rad. http://sherman.unsquare.com/video/WZ_OPEN_FINAL.mp4 -daniel out
  8. Is this is a one time thing, or do you think you'll do some more in the future? I'd love to hang out in LA for a few weeks and go through some shit with you guys.
  9. OK, as long as its not something stupid that I'm missing. Thanks for your help guys.
  10. Im at a shop doing some work, and the AE bay Im on is auto saving every time I hit zero on the num pad, thus killing any RAM preview I'm trying to do. Its driving me up the wall. I turned off auto save and its still saving when I hit zero. So, masters of AE I humbly ask for you assistance, what am I doing wrong?
  11. Chris hit the nail on the head. The "view active topics" link was my bread and butter, and now that its off in the nega-verse it is a little bit of a pain to see what's going on, I'm also on Safari and the bug is a bit annoying, though I didn't know it was a Safari only issue until this thread. I don't mind the new layout or anything, I just miss my "active topics" button.
  12. just a quick tip, if it has a a "p" after the frame rate its progressive, no matter what. If it has "i" its interlaced, and thus the frame rate is actually referring to the number of fields per second (1080i 59.94 plays at 29.97 frames per second because a field is 1/2 of a frame), and "psf" after your frame is partially segmented frames, which is another way to deal with progressive material that uses less bandwidth.
  13. sometimes, while I'm looking at the sky, I think how the the gradient of the sky totally owns the gradient in photoshop. Theres never any banding in the sky....
  14. when you export out of fcp either export at 864x486/720x405/640x360 thats the only way to maintain the aspect ratio. If you click the anamorphic checkbox on 720x486 all its going to do is squeeze the pixels so it can be stretched back out later.
  15. I was messing around a couple of weeks ago using greymachine's math.sin expression with the toComp to make a line skeleton of a bird flying, time consuming but the results were pretty cool. Add in the zdepth stuff and I bet it would really look slick.
  16. are you using a camera in the comp you're referring to beau? Im wondering if the zdepth expression works in conjunction with a camera or not. well done, btw.
  17. I like to map the "y" key to add edit. Nothing is more annoying than going to select the stupid razor tool to add an edit in your timeline. Make sure you map cmd + or - to the zoom in/out on playhead to make life a little easier. The easy setups can be a lifesaver for making sure your whole system is set up for the format/frame rate youre working with.
  18. heres a little write up about how to capture HDV to ProRes over firewire on the fly. Itst not the most elegant solution in the world, but its better than nothing. HDV to ProRes over Firewire
  19. you never want to work in HDV for your edit (long GOP is a horse fucking). ProRes and also DVCPROHD are both nice intermediates. Ive found a way around the color shift with DVCPROHD, but my machine is too slow to capture ProRes on the fly, so I cant give you a definitive answer on how to avoid the shift with it. Hope that helps.
  20. Chuck Norris $10. love it.
  21. Ive seen some people do a tile type effect where they move one full frame of 4:3 video to the far left or right of the screen, then bring in a partial duplicate of the same video to fill out the the remaining side. It gives a pretty cool looking effect.
  22. Away We Go Im not sure if this is what your looking for, but it def has the Juno feel.
  23. yeah man, i really appreciate it, the new ideas jump started my brain and got me going again. When I get the project done Ill post a link.
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