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    2009 Reel

    Thats pretty rad. The only piece that I didnt really dig was the one of the girl walking across the bridge, its didnt seem to fit in with the rest of your work. And yes, the old school floppy took me back as well. Its sad that an iphone decimates the 486 I had back in '91.
  2. beautiful. thanks man, you're a life saver.
  3. OK, so I finally got some decent results using the cloth sim method. I tested it on a cube object until I got it to look how I wanted (several days worth of tests). Now Im trying to use the same method on my text, and when I go to slice my characters up I run into a problem. My characters are made of 3 parts. a cap for each end and the extrusion. I can slice the extrusion all day long, but I can never seem to get the caps to be affected by the knife tool. Is there a way to combine the 3 parts of a character into 1 piece of geometry to I can slice it up so the explosion FX will affect it the way I want? Also magictea, the link you posted to the video you were messing with doesnt work, just a heads up. thank you guys for you help, its making this process less murderous than I thought.
  4. alright, got some new things to try. thanks guys, much appreciated.
  5. I may sound like an asshole, but I find the best way to learn how to set up shots and learn what works well together is to do it. write a short filme (even if you arent a writer) and get some friends together and go shoot it. Then edit it and figure out what works and what doesnt. For the parts that dont work, look to films you respect that did the same thing you were trying to do and pay attention to how they did it. How they framed the shots, the focal length of the lenses used, the way the music is scored, the performance of the actors. These are all things that are important. As far as lighting and shot composition, as a director, that isnt your MAIN focus. Youre main focus is telling the whole story. The idea is to get a good DP who worries about that stuff. Thats not to say that you shouldnt think about it at all, but you cant make the whole thing happen on your own. Film making is by far the most collaborative art form out there. Dont discount any of the disciplines, dont think you can get away with having a sub par actor, or camera man, or location sound mixer. You cant. Sometimes you cant help it, but if you can, find the right people and it will make the whole experience a million times more pleasurable than if you feel like you have to pick up the slack for someone whos not so great at what they are there to do. Clint Eastwood has a great philosophy on it saying something to the effect of "Youre the captian of the ship, but you dont do all the jobs yourself." Every short film I work on I learn a little bit more about how to work with other people, how to think about a scene, and how to break it down in a way that delivers the tone and mood that I feel the scene needs to work. You find people you trust that are good at the different disciplines of film making and you team up with them. Its like being a designer, youre making decisions about all these details that, when its all said and done, will affect how your movie makes people feel. Make the right decisions and it will illicit the response you wanted, miss it and it will leave people wanting. Hope that helps some.
  6. I want to have some text "explode" with dynamics. Ive looked all around, and I tried the cloth sim and for the life of me could not get it to look decent. So Im wondering if there is a way I can tell TP to use the spline of each character of my text (text that I set in Illustrator and brought in) as a particle so that I could set up some sort of collision event that will send all my characters flying as if they were getting blown away by the blast. Any help is mucho appreciated.
  7. ianfreeze

    Swine Flu

    Can we put this shit to rest already.
  8. ianfreeze

    Swine Flu

    Id rather the world end because of swine flu than hear one more ridiculous news story about it. Its just the flu, c'mon people.
  9. you wouldn't, by chance, be willing to post some of the AE magic you did to this would you. I love the texture and background elements you had going on in this thing. great work.
  10. I chuckle a little every time I see it.

  11. Conrad Oswalt Yeah, this dude is sick.
  12. Check out easy ease for your keyframes. All the camera moves just stopped and it was a little jarring. Easy Ease will make all the movement more organic and a little more natural, that is unless your going for that sort of movement. I really dug your illustrations and the hand drawn animations. Well done. Nick Campbell has some good tutorials that go over the different keyframe interpolation setting on his site. GREYSCALEGORILLA giude to keyframes and GREYSCALEGORILLA How to fix Wobbly Keyframes
  13. there are a shit ton of post houses in Santa Monica.
  14. Nice. Thanks Chris, much appreciated.
  15. Forgive my noobness. I followed the suggestions above, and got the tools where i want them in the content browser, but I can't seem to figure out how to access them? Do I open one and then merge it with my current scene? Or is there an easier way I'm missing?
  16. Delete Papyrus from your system, then tell the clients you don't have it and it will cost "X" amount of dollars to purchase the typeface. Then, take "X" amount of dollars and put it in your pocket.
  17. did anyone hear that sound? it was my mind being blown.
  18. With some more messing around I got it to work, seems GI was to blame. Its a shame they wont work together.
  19. damn, I know its some minute detail I'm missing. I hate it when that happens, Ill feel like an idiot when I figure it out. Thanks. Double Damn, I should have mentioned Im using GI. I have a normal light set up in the scene to cast the shadow I want to see, but there is other illumination coming from an HDRI in a skybox, but I don't want any shading coming form that.
  20. Hey Guys, I'm trying to get the shadowcatcher plugin to do its thing in a scene, but the plane the shadow cather texture is applied to keeps rendering. Ive followed this Shadow Catcher Tut to a T and i get nothing. I'm on R11 and I know that's an R10 setup. Does anyone know if it works with R11, and if so, is there a trick I'm missing?
  21. you can get a shallow DoF with any camera out there, it just takes a little massaging (some more than others.) The three main things that affect your Dof are the size of your imager, the length of the lens (wide angle vs telephoto, not physical length), and the aperture. For super shallow DoF you want a large imager, a long lens, and a wide open aperture (That's why shallow DoF is all over films because they meet these 3 criteria in excess). I don't know the exact specs but I imagine this camera has a 1/3 to 1/2" sensor, fairly small, but there's hope! Zoom all the way in (making your lens telephoto) and drop on the ND's so you have to open the aperture all the way up to get a good image and you should be able to squeeze a decent amount of shallow DoF out of it. Just make sure you have a good tripod, hand held with full telephoto makes for shitty camera work, unless your trying to make an episode of 24 or BSG, in which case more power to you.
  22. I like to use the 3d glasses effect to cheat the chromatic aberration, its a little easier to do that in the AETuts example, and I like the colors it produces a little more.
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