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  1. That's pretty sick, what did you shoot the live action footage of New York with?
  2. Thats pretty cool. I have to admit, i felt like the opening shot of the speed limit sign and the road was a bit bland though, mainly the brown background. Maybe add a bit of a back drop in there, some landscape and a sky perhaps. Just throwing my two cents in. I really liked the map with the arrows arcing over it. Very nice. Well done!
  3. Well, I managed to group some things together I was able to animate them. I then wanted to extrude them but that didn't happen, so Im thinking of rebuilding my cube from separate pieces. Anyway, this is an idea of the animation Im trying to do for Echo. Cube Animation be gentle, I know Im a n00b.
  4. yeah, if you change it so that when you mouse over "reel" your pointer changes or something, that will let people know its a link and thus they know to click it.
  5. I'm having this exact same problem, except when I split, I can't move the new object that gets created (I try dragging the x,y,z arrows in the viewer and entering new values in the numerical fields), and therefor cannot animate it. ='(. any light shedding that can be done on this is much appreciated!
  6. Did they always use Maya? I remember an interview where they talked about creating their own software for the first couple of seasons. Not that it matters, just throwing it out there.
  7. I want to say they use something similar to the software that "Southpark" uses.
  8. I don't know a ton about either of them but I've heard they are both pretty bad ass.
  9. Have you tried just turning it off instead of trying to "pull focus" with your camera move? You could also turn the blur level to 0. You may have already tried that, also make sure your comp window setting are at full or render out a small section of the video and see how it looks. The comp window is a good representation of what youll get but I find that a rendered out video is the only true way to see what your getting.
  10. ianfreeze I still play Halo3 all the time. I haven't found a game that has a multiplayer experience that does what Halo3 does. Left 4 Dead comes close, and sadly I havent played GOW2 but I hear Horde mode makes the game worth it alone.
  11. Wow, I must have been drunk this morning when I typed that, thanks for the clarification. Good movie none the less.
  12. Hillman Curtis won't steer you wrong. Seeing "Helvetica" is what got me into design in the first place. His artist series is pretty cool too. Hillman Curtis Artist Series
  13. I don't think that question mark is needed, a period would be much more accurate.
  14. I've heard talk on the streets that apple is doing a full recode of FCP so that its multi threaded and native 64bit , but their new shake replacement (Phenom, I believe is what its called) is first and foremost on their minds. Sadly FCP is taking a back seat to that. I imagine around NAB we'll see Phenom and then they can really get crackin' on recoding FCP. Avid released their new stuff and its all multi threaded and is just blazing. FCP really needs to step it up to keep up with them. Sorry for being OT, I'm a FCP user so it's something near and dear to me.
  15. Did they deliver 1080 23.976p or 1080 23.976psf or did they deliver 1080 24p (true 24 frames per second)? If they delivered you 1080 23.976psf, the cross convert to 720p 59.94 is very easy. I think several black magic cards can do it, the aja kona 3 can do it, and I know certain decks out there can do it. If you have one of the cards mentioned above its just a matter of setting your output to the desired format and going to town. If you have a deck that can do it lay your material off to tape at 23.976psf and hook that deck to the 720p deck you plan to use and tell the deck to do the conversion for you. Its much better to let a piece of equipment handle things than trying to figure out pulldowns and conversion yourself (it's also easier!). I know the cow is hated around here, but this is the perfect kind of question for that place. There are some guys on there how can give you model numbers of decks that can do what you need. I, sadly, am not one of those guys.
  16. ianfreeze


    I just wanted to share a little project I've been working on the last few months, it's not really motion related but I'm hoping you can enjoy it nonetheless. It's called WEBZEROES and it's a comedy series about 3 dudes trying to get famous on the internet. If you like video games, computers, or any other nerdy things you will probably like the show. http://smoothfewfilms.com/webzeroes/ Hope you don't hate it! -daniel out
  17. "I've got a genius rocket for you."
  18. It seems you went on the same font hunt I did, and found TRottoir as well. looks good. Good stuff, I feel like the texture on the box in the open could be better though? I don't know much about 3d (so take this with a grain of salt) but something about the box stuck out. Aside from that though, I liked what you have, short and to the point.
  19. I agree, I kept hoping for another reveal as well, but I did like that it wasn't just another kinetic typography vid. I think someone could push this idea further and make something pretty cool with it.
  20. ah, thanks guys, ill look into those. thanks for taking the time to check it out, much appreciated.
  21. Jay Z Music Video from Typography I didn't see this posted, if it is delete as needed.
  22. ianfreeze

    Kanye West

    Yeah, Kanye on SNL was pretty bad, but that screen in the background was sort of rad. I watched the whole performance just staring at the screen, and not paying attention to his seizures...I mean dancing.
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