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  1. I haven't had the time to glue myself to engadget today. Does anyone know if they fixed some of the bullshit that came with Mavericks? Having to convert animation codec files to view, constant reminders about battery life and upgrades, etc.


    Not trolling, serious question: Why do you still use Animation?


    I never got consistent playback, even from the system drive, and the files were way to big. What's wrong with ProRes 4444?

  2. or you know... don't send email blasts...


    i cant see any producer reading a clearly mass emailed email. they are busy enough as it is.




    If you want to email a bunch of places, you have to email them 1 by 1. You can copy and paste the same email to all of them if you like, and just replace names or titles and no one will notice, but you send out an email "blast" and you've already lost 90% of your target. You are essentially sending them spam, why should they look at it? If they get an email from a guy, addressed to them, asking them specifically to take a look at said guys work, and consider him for future work they will probably be more inclined to do it. Context is essential.

  3. Trust me. I chewed hard on that. I have had mine since 2003. Spoke to a lawyer and everything. They said since I am not directly competing with them that there is no grounds for copyright infringement. Now if they go after me then I can sue the shit out of them. Also, some time in the mid 2000's I sent my reel to several companies with my logo clearly seen on it all. One of them was the the company that did the redesign for comedy central. So yeah, I'm chewing alright. ;)

    Damn. Aint that some shit.


    well done on covering your ass.

  4. Apart from some bits in Part 001, we haven't had much that's specific to time yet. I can see why, but eventually something about narrative or theory of editing might be good. Personally, I have a figurative and narrative (think comics type stuff) Fine Arts background, and I often find myself conceiving ideas that are based on one continuous shot or sequence. I just don't think in terms of cuts, which can limit my ideas for framing. To some extent it's just my taste, which I don't think is wrong, but it's something I'd like to improve on.


    The varied reactions to these videos really makes you realise the width of the spectrum we are coming from. Motion graphics is such a sprawl, no wonder I still can't explain what I do in one sentence.

    This is a great talk about this very thing. Its specific to narrative film making, but it can be applied here too.


  5. So with all the GPU/OpenCL/CUDA support taking on most of the workload, doesn't this add some life to the older Mac Pros?


    You can add an SSD card from OWC and get read write times close to the new Mac Pro. You can get some pretty wild graphics cards (GTX 780, GTX Titan, GTX Titan Z) and get them running with minimal effort. You can get USB 3 connectivity fairly easily. And you can still run a fiber card to a crazy SAN setup. You can even upgrade the procs to something close as well. The only thing you can't have is Thunderbolt. So, I guess I'm wondering why spend 10 grand on a new machine when you can get your old one pretty close for less, and maintain some empty card slots for other goodies?

  6. so the question just seems to be in what will be used for editorial (primarily Avid, some FCP 7 people are seriously considering Premiere).


    I started out in editorial, and Ill be the first to tell you PPro was a joke for years. When I heard people would cut projects on it, it was a major red flag. major. FCP was getting old, and the natives were getting restless. We needed something that could take advantage of these powerful machines that were starting to come out. Avid was always and option, but that requires a shift in ideology almost. It just doesn't work the way some of us wanted it to. Then came FCPX and you could hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth in the streets. Was there hope? Thats when Adobe stepped in, and let us know they were done messing around. PPro CS6 was usable. Just usable. CC however, is legit. I use it now for all the edits I do and I couldn't be happier. Its fast (uses gpu to render), you can set up your old FCP keyboard shortcuts, and it even works more intuitively than FCP in a lot of ways. Its an option, people just need to get over the stigma, which is the hardest part.


    edit: autcorrect fail

  7. Not really the point. You need at least 3 years to develop such a complex program from scratch, so even if you started today you'd have to wait quite a while. And of course you'd have to have a suitable team of programmers in the first place. Well, at least with Nuke Studio there is a streak of hope on the horizon...




    I never said it would be fast or easy, just interesting.


    Guys _and gals_, that is. I just stress that since the last time I was involved with this process, it was one of our female leads that drove this process with the folks at Google/YouTube.



    I was using guys in a universal sense. Not specifically saying the "males" at Adobe. No offense intended.


    I think I tried that when I first started uploading (a few months ago) with no success, some people told me that it is better to use Photo JPEG at 100 Quality so that you are not compressing it down a lot twice. I may try it again and see if the presets work for me but I believe I have tried the youtube and vimeo presets for their respective uploading websites and Photo JPEG 100 came out as the cleanest. I have the newest version of AME now so maybe they have better presets.


    No success? What do you mean by that? it didn't look acceptable or the file wouldn't play or your computer blew up?

    Also, I find it really hard to believe that jpeg encoding is going to be more efficient than the more modern h.264.

  9. Hey Emi,


    I bet it has something to do with you compressing to Photo JPEG. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that you should never do that. IF you're going to be uploading to Youtube or Vimeo encode your video H.264 in an MP4 wrapper. Adobe media encoder has a lot of presets for this. Specific to each site and the spec of your video.




    I've done some research and some testing and I think these work really well. The guys at Adobe worked closely with the YT and Vimeo to make a preset that would minimize loss of quality as much as possible after they re-encode the video on their end. I've been really happy with the results using these.



    Also, if you've got a CUDA gpu, Media Encoder can use that to encode which makes things much faster. much much faster.

  10. My inner libertarian totally agrees with Zook (and I was strangely moved by your prose). In the same way I don't like google and spying on me and the whole net neutrality thing. Removing choice from any equation is always bad. Currently it's all benign, but thats not to say that a new CEO could take over and decided that all our asses are ripe for a pounding.


    But my inner business man thinks that CC has some really nice features, the money makes sense ($50 x 24 months = less than purchasing previous software every 2 years), and I get updates as soon as they are available instead of waiting for a new release. I've also not experienced any of the nightmare issues with CC that some here have had.


    Then again isn't that the rub? Like a parking ticket they set the price just low enough that you'd accept it begrudgingly, but not be mad enough to fight it. Unless this pisses someone off enough to make a new program. If we could raise that much money for Harry Frank a few months back, what would a kickstarted campaign for an AE alternate look like?

  11. The vignette pop is because of Vimeo. I noticed it too and went back to my edit, and its not there. Im not sure what they are doing with the compression, but it has something to do with how they encode it.

    I agree on the biggie lyric, but I've never been one to omit something because someone might mis interpret it.


    Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it.

  12. A fair assessment, lost the number and just have thumbnails now. I was trying for something a little off the beaten path perhaps and I guess it didn't quite land.


    As for my email address, there are about 9 million Daniel Millers in this world and Ive always thought that adding some numbers to the end of you're name @gmail.com was lame. I try to not take myself too seriously and focus more on making some cool stuff and being relatively enjoyable to be around. In some way I hope that my email address communicates that. Maybe thats dumb, I don't know.


    Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it.

  13. Also, hopefully screen resolution will go the same way proc clock speeds and DSLR mega pixels went. The arms race will stop being about how BIG can we make it, and start to be about how WELL we can make it. instead of 47k cameras, why not try to make a sensor that has over 20 stops of dynamic range? Or wider color range? Or better encoding algorithms? or so on and so on.


    From what Ive read about Rec 2020 thats the way things are starting go.

    A little primer for those interested: http://nofilmschool.com/2013/07/4k-uhd-color-space-gamut-frame-rate/


    Tangentially, does anyone else find it strange that 1080p hasn't even FULLY proliferated the market (how many jobs are we doing where we still have to protect for 4:3?) and a new format is already starting to roll out? SD was around for 50 years. VHS was the delivery mechanism for a decent chunk of that time. DVD's had about 10 years. BluRay has had what? 5 years? Maybe I'm old and crotchety but the madness needs to stop.


    edit: sorry for hijacking the thread, go about your business.

  14. This tripped me up when I first started learning expressions. When adding an expression, pay attention to what that property needs. If it's scale/position, then your expression needs to spit out more than one value.



    I thought about that, but thought that since these two values could be linked (proportionate scale), unlike position, that it could take a single input. I was wrong.

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