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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. Some interesting stuff. I was kinda hoping for responses like you need to know this and this about colours and that and that about layout design; my university degree used this reference book by this guy etc...but a topic on creative passion is still pretty good. Like I said, I've learnt everything by experience so far without any of the theory. @ mete_shop - yeah, was planning to stick up a WIP topic for a piece on parkour once its my turn to manhandle the project get some vibes from the forum, see if I've got the magic unfortunately I'm not web savvy enough to stick stuff up online yet so no reel siggy. @ Sao_Bento & C.Smith - I've also had the opportunity to interview new designers and it was kind of obvious who did and did not have the 'it' (in the end my boss decided to hire the pretty ones ). Actually the 'it' is kind of something I'm trying to figure out about myself. Learning about the theory would help clarify what needs to be improved. @ deedeee - yeah man, agree @ PMC - actually I did kind of fall into motion graphics somehow a solid career in accounting turned into sitting in front of a computer punching out motion graphics for the Flamers and animating end logos. I blame it on the Lord of the Rings. Ummm, what would these mysterious books be <twiddles fingers, wants to read these books> Actually I've been having thoughts in the opposite direction, drop the mo' as a profession and work at the bank! <my stock on this board probably just tanked as badly as Bears Stearns>. I just have issues with the lower-than-average wage bracket and must-be-instantly-gratified agency art directors (no offense). I'd be happy to work as a white collar and make graphic pieces for the sheer hell of trying to beat those guys (by those guys I mean my favourite mo' graph shops). @ Havok.Dzn - not with my body Cheers, all.
  2. Hey all, New here. I'd be interested to know what fundamentals a really good motion graphics artist needs in order to kick ass I suppose. I've been mo' graphing for the last couple of years (I'm actually working as a compositor at the moment but missing the sheer fun of motion graphics) but my background is lit./theatre and film. Now and then I get the feeling I'm missing some kind of theory behind what I'm doing (this is especially so when art directors start babbling to me ; at the moment I tend to work rather intrinsically. Anyway, I figure there's a heap of design stuff that I should know but probably don't. Is all lost? I figure in design fundamentals there's composition + layout, typography, colour theory, photography and being able to draw + ink. Huge holes here + Software wise there's Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, one piece of compositing software, one piece of 3D software, and Flash+DreamWeaver (at least to get your reels on the web) to be learnt. So it would be good if you could recommend books or some helpful tips like: keep practising! to help me out a bit Cheers, Jonboy.
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