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  1. I get this when trying out the processing file from the guy http://d.pr/i/BXsU also shiffmans stuff maybe is to outdated or something because I get this when trying out his processing example scene http://d.pr/i/r4Nm thanks
  2. been trying out the method from the amazing music video but cant seem to figure it out. getting errors when im trying out his processing scene
  3. erm isnt just to make an Oil Tank? or do I miss something? http://d.pr/i/wduK
  4. Dug thru some old bookmarks and maybe this will give you an idea if you havent seen it already http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adobe-presentations-at-nab-2008/digital-kitchen-collaborative-workflow/ (around 10-11min in and the actual animation around 17min)
  5. Something like this? Props to Douwe that helped me figure this out before. http://d.pr/f/NKVU
  6. Thats a really nice plugin. Only thing thats annoying is that it doesnt consider hierarchies or its me doing something wrong. If you have things in a null it only solo the null and hide the children
  7. Anyone know if its possible to reverse baked dynamics simulation without baking it out to PLA? Been playing around with the offset in Mograph cache but doesnt seem to work when I animate it Any suggestions is much appreciated! dfmn sorry for double post...
  8. Seems like AAA doesnt support 64bit mode This thread looks very interesting so I wanted to try it
  9. awollsoder


    Mmmm The Bird... Best burger I've tasted!
  10. Hi guys, I just wonder if anyone know how they did the second part of these amazing syfy clips (Man vs Machine Syfy)? The triangles that unfolds. Im using c4d and dont know what program they was using for these. They may have been hand animated, but I wonder if there is some easier way to do this with maybe Mograph or Joints? Holla, DFMN
  11. This is awesome! Good job!
  12. Here is my brand spanking new reel. Hope you enjoy it. Anton Woll Söder aka Dont forget my name
  13. Awesome work, really love the colors in your reel and on your site! Big ups!
  14. thanks for you replay all! really good! It isn't that Im a ego, maybe you are think of "I Get Money" and my first motion I did was a motion for 50 cent - I Get Money beat. www.dontforgetmy.name/movs/igetmoney.mov. It maybe explains. And I fortunately don't have time to make a better reel, I kind of rush it because Im a student at this school and Im looking for internship right now so I needed a reel to look for internships. Thanks for your replays once again, hopefully my next reel will be more appreciate! /a
  15. Hi I just finished my first reel and I would like to have some feedback, keep in mind that I dont have that much work to put in because I started with motion graphics last august. Hope you enjoy it www.dontforgetmy.name/movs/reel08.mov 28mb /Anton
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