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  1. Sorry if this has been brought up before, the search function unfortunately wasn't much help. Anyhow, we're putting together out tech budget for the next year and thought that we should start investing in some 4k monitors for our new mac pros. Is anyone using 4k monitors yet? If so, is it working well and do you see a strong benefit? It seems like the mainstream transition to 4k is somewhat close.. Is it to early to upgrade? Keep in mind that our we won't have a chance to get these again until early 2016. Any info is welcome! I noticed that the Dell 4k 32" ultrasharps are a decent value, $1900 each. thanks in advance.
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    I work with an Eizo 24" and a Dell 24" and have 2 apple screens at home. The Eizo is by far the most accurate and even, the apple's are close, but I've noticed some short term burn in.. the Dell's are ok for the money, but side by side its not even close to the Eizo.
  3. bump.. lets keep this thread up..
  4. Sao, just made a joke avatar just for you. Just wanted to thank you for your dedication to mograph.net.. Ive learned plenty from your posts. p.s. - not a fanboi, im actually bansky..really
  5. this thread was how many months old?
  6. - worked a 90hr week, 1 week after going salary
  7. We did something very similar to this.. ill check out the project tomorrow at the office for specifics.
  8. guess ill be 2... although not much of a comment
  9. Perhaps take a look at some good trailers for good movies with boring graphics and make your own...
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