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  1. Amazing reel Claudio! It was an honor working with your hot svenska röv!
  2. Beautiful and creative work. Dripping with style. Hotboy Status.
  3. It's happening because your shape node is scaled to 59%. When you copy the shape path, that is all you are copying. It's not taking into account the scale or position of the layer you are copying it from. If you want them to match up you need to scale the shape layer back up to 100% and select the actual path of the shape and scale that back down to the size you want. Then the size will be correct but the position will still be slightly off. So you need to remove the keyframes from your light's position, copy and paste the new path onto a null, get your light in the correct position relative to the shape and then parent your light to your null. Now it will be in the right position and at the right scale.
  4. Wikipedia is probably the best place to find free vector maps. They have literally tens of thousands of vector files and they are almost all free to use for any purpose. Most are in SVG format but Illustrator can easily convert these to your format of choice. Here is a list of earth maps many with all the countries separated: Wikipedia Maps of the World
  5. Having gone to a design school I learned quickly how to take a critique: Just smile, nod, and say thank you. While I agree mostly with what you are saying killkillakillyo, I think that you are taking it a little too far. I gladly accept critique of my work from anyone and everyone. People with no design background, people with purely technical skills, rockstar designers, children, everyone. But while I accept the critiques from everyone, I still weigh them all differently depending on who they are coming from. One of the benefits of a classroom or studio environment is that you know the people critiquing you and you've probably seen their work. If someone that always shows work with shitty type is critiquing my choice of typeface, I'm not going to take it quite as seriously as when a 40 year veteran that started with metal type does the same. I think that is why people say "well let me see your work if you're such a rockstar" because they want to know who the critique is coming from. It helps to put things in perspective. Bottom line: nothing should be taken personally, and everything should be taken with a grain of salt.
  6. I would say to go with a standard format for your reel, 614x480 isn't 4:3 or 16:9. Also the beginning is kinda just a slideshow of that building. I would at least get some video renders of it with a moving camera and cut them together. A slideshow doesn't seem like the most exciting way to pull people in. Even if you faked it by panning the stills it would look better than it does now. There is a crazy glitchy piece in there ~0:24 where I can't really tell whats going on, I would lose that all together. I also suggest to find some music before you go any further. Music really helps set the pacing for a reel and gives you points you can cut to. Oh and make the link to your reel clickable, you have a much better chance of people seeing it when they can just click it, rather than having to copy/paste.
  7. Try DJV, it's a free cross-platform image-sequence viewer with just about every feature you could ever imagine.
  8. The Xpresso tag is set up with a relative reference to the object that owns the tag. You can duplicate the sign object and just change the Polygon Index, or you can duplicate the tag and assign it to another object (hold control and drag the tag). Both methods should work, but since the user data is on the sign object, any object you duplicate the tag onto must also have some sort of User Data control for the polygon index. If you aren't too familiar with Xpresso you are probably best off just duplicating the entire sign object, changing the internal geometry if needed.
  9. The file I posted will allow you to animate the deformer.
  10. If your dead set on using the spherify deformer, the way you have it set up now, you need to pull the sign out of the hierarchy so the spherify is not acting on your sign. Then you can use xpresso to get the position of a polygon post-deformer. Here is your file modified: null_test_xpresso.c4d There is a user data control on the sign called 'Polygon index' that will allow you to select the specific polygon that you want the sign on. This also requires that the object you are attaching to is editable. Credits to Srek for this method.
  11. Thanks a lot Binky. The goal with the intro was to show the build up in dimensions from 1D to 2D to 3D, finally revealing the Pyramid and Sphere, meant to represent the A and O in my initials. I agree that the message is a big vague and could definitely be more focused and show off my unique skill-set in a more meaningful and impressive way. When I have some time I'll come up with a better concept for the intro/outro. Thanks again!
  12. This topic was discussed not too long ago.
  13. Thanks so much everyone for the kind words. Colin - I really would like to be a technical director one day, I just wasn't sure if I was setting the bar too high for myself by trying to land a TD position right out of school. I'd like to get some experience in at a studio and hopefully I could wiggle my way into a technical direction position once I'm there. I will definitely focus on branding myself as a TD from here on out.
  14. Thank you all very much for the critiques, I sincerely appreciate it. I agree with pretty much every suggestion that was made. I agree that the animation in the Icarus piece feels a little clunky. That's something I would definitely like to revisit when I have the time. A few people have suggested shaving 10-15 seconds off of the reel and making the cuts quicker, which I think is a good idea. Thanks again guys!
  15. http://albertomoss.com
  16. Awesome piece. I think I had about 3 acid flashbacks while watching it.
  17. I use an Intuos4 on a Mac and I get the same issue as well. Also anytime I try to click in a flash player in a web browser, it doesn't register the click until I right click outside the flash player and then try again. Very strange. I think their drivers may need some attention.
  18. I don't even have appropriate words to describe it. So smooth and buttery delicious. Amazing work! I'll see Chris's 10 and raise another 20.
  19. You can save selections in C4D via the Selection menu. No need to split up your object. Then apply restriction tags to your bones, and then drag your selection tags into your restriction tags.
  20. I'm going to assume you're working in C4D based on the screenshot? I think when working with paper it's best to not even bother with a vertex map. Just make point/face selections for the facets you want to control with each bone and then use Restriction tags on your bones, dragging the selections to the appropriate tag.
  21. I watched the show since the very beginning. All along I kept watching, hoping that in the end everything would be wrapped up in a nice little package with all the unbelievable and nonsensical elements somehow being explained in an elegant way. When season 6 began I really started to get the feeling like all the loose ends couldn't possibly be wrapped up, and that they were going to fall back on JJ's magical mystery box bullshit. Then, just as I suspected, they pulled this bait-and-switch and they say "If you wanted all the mysteries to be explained then you don't really understand the point of the show." Yeah, I don't understand the point of 99% of the show: smoke monsters, time travel, polar bears, hatches, numbers, h-bombs, electromagnetism, people that mysteriously live forever, etc. etc. This was an exercise in fantastical literary masturbation and I am not amused. I agree with Chris, nobody will ever be able to pull something like this again.
  22. Also check out the Clamp constraint. It is a very powerful and often overlooked function of the constraint tag.
  23. There is a way. The displace deformer has falloff settings just like the mograph effectors.
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