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  1. Hi, I just posted a new Before and After Reel as well as a bunch of new work Check it out on my portfolio site www.nostalgia-nyc.com or on Vimeo critiques welcome Thanks
  2. I'm not sure either the thank you was sincere though
  3. Thanks Dan, Yes the most unnoticeable wins in this arena, Something I have proven to be successful at time and time again
  4. Just finished this this morning It is a collection of shots I have worked on (all but two in the last year) showing the before and after of each shot. Have a look and let me know what you think, Thanks
  5. bawalte

    2010 Reel

    I just posted my 2010 reel to vimeo and as always you can find it and the rest of my work at www.nostalgia-nyc.com Feedback welcome Brad
  6. bawalte

    2009 Reel

    Hello, I just finished this reel yesterday, http://www.nostalgia-nyc.com/post/reel_2009_web.mov Take look and tell me what you think, Thanks, Brad www.nostalgia-nyc.com
  7. Well perhaps it was a subconscious decision to band myself in this fashion as it gave me an excuse to ebay all the cool stuff from my youth, such as an apple computer, a lite brite, and a game boy. If I ever launched a studio it will look like a cross between an Applebee's and a nerd museum Thanks for the complements
  8. www.nostalgia-nyc.com just launched this website let me know what you think, Thanks, Brad
  9. hey, I finished this thing about a month ago and I am just getting it out there. demo reel enjoy
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