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  1. Hi guys i have hair on my models and i am doing a 3d animation where i have to animate hair being shaved off my question is how would i accomplish this? can cut tool for hair be animated i looked all over and cant find anything in hair tool Thanks
  2. Hi guys what is mostly used in Toronto by motion studios is cinema 4d dominant in Toronto. Thanks
  3. Hi guys i have question not related to family. Next week i am expecting twins. So i am wondering if i should continue my schooling or quit and go in to something else for the sake of my family. I don't know how many of you here have kids but are you bale to support your family on what you make in this industry? How is your life style? Thanks
  4. hi guys my main work load is learning color theory, typography, story telling, composition, animation, editing, and composting and on top of that CD4, AF Real F Photoshop and illustrator. I mean it would be a great opportunity but then i get to think how many shops out there really use Houdini for motion design. I always fallow this motion and vfx staff and i see great work being done in Houdini specially with particle and dynamics and i always get excited and wanting to learn it all. But that is to much, my fear would be to be a jack of all trades and master of none, i am afraid that it might take my focus from main goal of learning the craft. Thanks guys
  5. Last night i head the opportunity at my school to sit beside Houdini master, who show me some of the amazing things that houdini can do with particles and dynamics. Right now i am in my first year of motion design program where we are learning Cinema 4d After effects and our main focus being design. Long story short i have the opportunity to learn Houdini from this guy and Houdini is mostly used in vfx film work and i am steadying motion design. You think it would be to much to try to learn both in 2 years. I mean it would be great if i could have Houdini under my belt. But i am thinking if i should take this chance i mean to use Houdini tools in motion design would be great and with awesome cinema 4d rendering power would be beneficial. But i was told of course learning curve of Houdini is a long process and not easy one. Would you guys even take this opportunity in my situation or would focus on main subject of design its like its there so hwy not but then there is time investment which can be focused on design.
  6. No Dan dont Apologies i asked for it and thanks, and you are right about the color theory and texture, i did not know it would move like that with animation. But it was to late since it was all ready rendered and i could not experiment since i dont have a station to work on. And Saintfan you are right it does fell like technical experiment , i was never happy how it does not have some kind of story or message. Thanks guys for your time.
  7. Hi i just would like to introduce my self my name is Enes and i am from Hamilton Canada. I been coming to this website and checking peoples work and what you guys do is awesome and inspiring. I am not animator or motion designer, i never wen to school or anything like that but i love what you guys do, and i hope to do what you guys do one day i am in the process of learning so here is my first personal work i did. It was all done in softimage xsi and after effects and nuendo for audio. It took me one one week and i would like to thank my fiend Max for letting me use his work station. Any comment's and suggestions will be appreciated thanks guys LINK http://vimeo.com/4607709
  8. Hi guys i am wary interested in getting in to motion design, but i have some questions since i don't know where to start. What software is used in this industry i know that after effects is a big 1 but what about 3d programs such as maya, max, cinema 4d i hear cinema 4d is good since it has something called MoGraph do any other 3d packages have this available. What advice would you give to some body like me. Thanks guys
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