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  1. Got it. Make sure any updates you do to Primary C4D software is also done to Client.
  2. Yes I installed Bonjour on the PC and I have Itunes 10 on the Mac Pro.
  3. I have a wired network on a Cisco EA3500. All devices (PC and Mac Pro) are online. My primary machine is a HP Z820 . Under the Network icon the Mac Pro is seen. I have installed Bonjour (used by Team Render) on the Mac Pro machine, as well as C4D R15 Client. After turning on Team Render in C4D Preferences, I then display the Team Render machine list. Only the HP Z820 is seen. Any suggestions as to why the Mac Pro isnt seen by C4D but is seen by the network and is seen by the Z820?
  4. My apologies. You are correct. Good Motion did develop for the Mac a script to allow you to group layers together. They tried doing it for the PC but ran into problems they couldnt resolve. I thought you were referring to this from AE scripts which does the same thing and costs $40. http://aescripts.com/layer-groups/
  5. I have it on Windows. I paid to support the hard work and time someone spent making it. They do this to make a living. Im not going to undermine them by giving it away. Go buy it.
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