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  1. We did a trade show screen last year that was very wide. Not as large as you're talking, maybe a little more than half. We (being myself and the other cats on the job) all agreed after some tests that were doing ourselves no favors by trying to output something at full res. We had time constraints. We decided to render everything half res. You may have already nixed this idea, but just incase you hadn't considered it, we found the results to be basically indistinguishable from full res. We just output /2 and then x2 the final clip so the projector would like the dimensions it was getting. FWIW.
  2. Have looked many times, your new setup looks nice, top notch all the way. I agree with the thumbnail comment, might work better if you can click the whole pic. This probably complicates it, but might also be nice to be able to open a popup window from the home page and watch from there in addition to going to it's own full page. BTW what Wordpress theme are you using? It's super cool.
  3. Hmm...off the top of my head, the most useful thing it does is already available for free and I would presume in comparable quality (building models from photos). What else could we do with it? Archiviz work would be simplified in some instances I guess. Not to get off topic, but what I don't understand is why hasn't Red or Panavision or Sony built this sort of stuff into their cameras as metadata, so that when these shots come off the card, the 3D track is already there, ready to import. I guess this device could also have the benefit of providing a previz-quality model along with it, so the fx team could send blocked shots to editorial very rapidly. You could even send back each take blocked-in, so the editor can really make cleaner vfx choices and not have to guess what's going to replace all that green. I'm sure they do that already, but this would make it easier/faster/cheaper. Just a thought.
  4. Yeah, nice! I like the very beginning, where the pink bits move together and look like they are starting to shoot down a tube. How is that put together?
  5. Really nice! Are the morphs 3D/AE combos?
  6. You're not gonna edit native 4k on these things, but I've had 2-3 guys running 1080 AIC edits from a Drobo Pro at the same time. I've heard the 5D thunderbolt version is much fast than the Pro.
  7. My vote: http://www.drobo.com/products/professionals/drobo-5d/index.php I used to buy external drives all the time (why not, they're so cheap!) but eventually after years of work, messing with them got to be a major hassle so I use Drobos now. No need to back up, you can work right off this thing and it IS the back up. I've had drives go down in them, and it works just like they say: pop in a new drive and keep working. Much better than screwing around with RAIDs (I have those too, good luck if a drive goes down).
  8. Not ideal, but reverse your keyframes then reverse the render. If you go to the last key, turn the cloner off and on to activate the texture, then drag backwards, it works fine. You just have to avoid that first key or it will revert the tex. So to render, you can reverse the keys. Something about the cloner initializing the object or something, not sure why it does that.
  9. The particles basically go from on point to another while traveling some random arc between, looks like. Could it be as simple as an emitter with maybe a gravity or attractor set up?
  10. I shot a presentation by D-Wave a couple years ago here in the valley, and they had the machine in some absolute zero chamber in Canada (the chip has to be really cold to work?!) and dialed into it. They solved some sudokus, believe it or not. I could've solved them faster, but it was live and evidently the first public demo of quantum computing ever, so was a big deal here. Haven't heard much on the topic since then. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Got it, wasn't aware the TB monitor had all that. Seems like that would clear up a lot, thanks for the heads up. Makes the price of those suckers more palatable too.
  12. Yeah but I've got 4 of em, plugged into a Sonnet card. And what about my OWC RAIDs? What about the piles of client drives that come through with eSATA and firewire? The whole thing is just a little troubling. I can live without a DVD burner, without PCI slots, without internal drive bays, without firewire, without more RAM slots, without ways to appease my clients' every whim. But everything all at once? It may create more issues than I'd face moving my whole setup to a PC. It seems like there's an opportunity here for someone to create a useful breakout box that would make a lot of people happy, though.
  13. Sorry if I'm behind the curve on this one, but am I hearing everyone right? We're all just gonna buy adapters for our current storage setups, or buy new storage? This is the thing I'm not getting my head around. I've got RAIDs, I've got drives everywhere, I've got 64TB on Drobos. How much is this gonna cost me?
  14. Don't forget, manufactured in the good ol US of A. 25k.
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