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  1. hey guys, I am heading out to paris soon and was wondering if there are any mographers out there who have any connections to studios or just wanna show me around .. im a nice guy trust me .. and on top of my mograph motivation I promise to make you laugh .. hahahahahahaahh .. amazing. cheers!
  2. Hey flow, I actually just wrote you a message but I was wondering about freelancing in europe .. traveling is something i really want to do right now in my life but dont want to stray away from my career too much. Any tips? and the shop i work at (www.creativebubble.com) is always looking for some good freelancers, so shoot me your website!
  3. awesome thanks so much guys .. yea i think i just need to get the traveling out of my system early and stay away from obligations and responsibiltes for as long as possible hahah .. and ill def pm crabby about his trip to france and try to get any pointers !! Thanks!
  4. Hey guys! Im pretty new to the forum and the whole mograph scene in general! I am myself mostly a traditional animator and illustrator, but have been busting my ass to learn the computer realm the last year working at a post house in NYC. I am extremely interested in traveling and working in other cities. What kind of opportunities are there out there for mograph artists to travel all over the world and work?? Has anyone gone anywhere cool for work or have any tips on making that happen? And please go easy and try not to make me too jealous with your stories! My website is under construction but is viewable on a review page at www.fishanddip.com/review (working on new reel now and should be up by the eow). Thanks guys !!
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