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  1. Hi Guys! I´m building a new computer to render with Octane+C4D and compose the output in AE, with heavy emphasis in GPU power for Octane. What do you think overall? your opinions are more than welcome. I have an extra SSD m2 for the AE cache and 128 GB ram. Also a raid with 2xSSD mirroring for program files and working footage. An extra tera HD would be use as archive. Do you think the processor would do well with AE and C4D? Will Octane benefit at all from an extra SSD for cache? And from the 128 GB Ram?? Do you think cooling can be an issue with the current setup? Thanks a lot in advance! Video cards: 4x MSI GTX980 TI Gaming 6G 6144MB,PCI-E,DVI,HDMI,3xDP Processor Intel Core i7 5960x LGA2011-v3 20MB Cache 3,0GHz Motherboard: MB ASUS X99-E WS (Int,2011,X99,CEB,DDR4) Cache Disk SSD 256GB Samsung M.2 PCI-E (o.Adap.) 950 Pro Basic Storage WD 8.9cm (3.5") 1TB SATA WD1003FZEX 64mb Black OS/Working files 2x SSD 512GB Samsung 2,5" (6.3cm) SATAIII 850 Series Pro (MIRRORING) RAM 128GB 2x DDR4 64GB PC 3200 CL15 G.Skill KIT (4x16GB) 64GVR Ripjaws Power Lepa 1600W G1600-MA-EU 80Plus Gold "Modular Case: Geh CORSAIR Midi Carbide Air 540 Cube (black) OS Win Pro 10 64Bit DSP 1pk Cpu cooling WAK Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H110i GT Watercooling
  2. Hi: the wiggle expression is indeed a good approach. If maybe you want to dive deeper in "controlling the ramdoness" take a look at this tutorial from Dan Ebberts sometimes is hard to comprehend but helps a lot
  3. Hallo. Can somebody tell how are the salarys in Munich or in German in general, for a Motion Designer with +3 years of experience and a university degree?? Vielen Dank!!
  4. http://www.juangarciasegura.com/ Please comment: Thanks a lot.
  5. Hey your video is cool XDD you and your friends look reeeeeally nervous dude The design it´s a fresh style but not too defined. Anyway the whole editing helps a lot the strengh of this "tricking". Nice one!!!!
  6. I don´t know the older but this one looks really nice: well organized, clean, fast... yes, really neat. Your work is not bad neither. Just to tease a little bit, the menu is too far from the content of the page, I guess I´d prefer it under the big dark square. And the play controls stays too long on screen after you release the raton... and it´s stays over your graphics work Nice work, I´d love to be able to make something like this for my own page. Buen trabajo.
  7. Wonderful pace and editing, and fresh ideas. Maybe I see to many too flat backgrounds that gives me a bad impression of emptyness. I really like the Drew Tyler thing, yes, the editing and the girl Good job and good luck amigo!!
  8. JgarciaS

    Critic my Reel

    Thank you guys for your comments in my last post. I´m planning to apply for future jobs with that montage, so any comments about the strenghts and the weaknesses of my reel are really welcome. www.juangarciasegura.com Any Hints, good or bad, long or short, are very very welcome, so... Thanks a lot.
  9. About the video: Chromakeying is really clean, goood job. The graphic style is not my favorite but that´s estrictly personal taste, though I think a little bit of contrast, mostly on the real figures, won´t hurt. I like a lot the camara shake in the van part, but maybe it´s too much "shaky" in the rest (looks more like a "in-a-ship fx" than like a "handy-cam fx") The final scene in the concert really gets into the rhythm and the close ups are just perfect. Hope I´ve helped and my critics are not too annoying The truth is that´s the overall result is a real good job.
  10. Thanks a lot for your comments, and I agree with you, improve my typography skills won´t hurt at all By the way I´m glad you like the music and the pace of the reel, I´ve had my doubts. Again, thanks for your useful critics&hints.
  11. Yes, good point, I been thinking about that myself. Thaks for the useful comment. Any other thought about the rest...??
  12. Hello, I´m preparing my online-reel for a future jobs search, and I´d like to recieve honest critics (to any aspect), to know how my work looks "from the outside". www.juangarciasegura.com And please, feel free to compare me with others, if needed. Thanks a lot ¡¡
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