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  1. On a side note, one of the render pass advantages is that all passes are antialiased (if you keep aa values right, of course), while render element's ones aren't afaik.
  2. Hi, B2 got 3d motion blur, and is very good. I know of at least one guy that bought B2 just for its motion blur capabilities. When combined with Render cache you get a very good time/quality ratio, even if combined with other fuzzy stuff. About proxies, I think that max 2009 will include mr proxies. ANd about the camera, if you like to do qtvr the b2 camera got an environment lens that outputs a 360° equirectangular image - it means, from rendering to qtvr in a snap
  3. Here I am. First, congrats and welcome in the club About the demo: for a demo, just mail to contact@splutterfish.com , afaik they give a 1 month full account. There will be a rio version - I think works slowed down a bit for the efforts in the Rhino version, dunno how they're doin' about rio right now. Second, let me suggest to install the 2.1 beta - the only beta stuff is the additional features. Some of them are unstable, some others (like domelight) are rock solid, but overall the software is as stable as the 2.0 "stable" version, until you use the beta feats - so go for it. Animation: I just did an interior using photon maps, regathering, render cache. Used DOF and a bunch of glossy materials. No probs at all: the rule is, do a test rendering with low AA. If flickering, raise a bit qmc value and/or Render cache min/max shade. My frames were rednering in 4.30, then to remove a slight flickering I raised the qmc from 15 to 25, render times reached an average 5 minutes but the flickering totally disappeared. For any other question, here I am - anyway, you all are welcome in the splutterfish forum ( forums.splutterfish.com ) - it is read only for guests, of course. There's also a blog about b2, http://brazil-rs.blogspot.com/. Bye, Zemm
  4. some random thoughts about B2 improvements over B1 in my experience: -ray servers, damn faster. there are 3 of them, I use mainly 2: default one (faster) or large dataset wip (like MR's bsp2, is perfect for scenes with thousands of instances etc). -interiors: big improvements here. Precomputing the photon map makes regathering so much faster now. Render cache is perfect for flicker free animations and to speed up stills with a lot of glossy materials/dof/motion blur/fuzzy stuff combined (I did a rendering with a few billions polys + motion blur + skylight + glossy reflections, funny ). Other additions like skylight portals, detail enhancements etc. makes it sooooo much better and faster then B1. -About other things I love of B2 there's the domelight - you got to try it to see how fast, good and easy it is. Then a few other stuff, thin translucency map is great, and I can't wait for physical sun and sky (tried them in the rhino version, they're neat!). I think is all for now - if you loved B1, you'll feel home with B2, but with all these advantages.
  5. It will work with 2008, but there's not a 64 bit version. But why stay on 1.2? I higly recommend to do the step to 2.0. EDIT: 2.0 is available for both 32 and 64bit.
  6. Hi all. Bumped here form the splutterfish forum - I'm a Brazil user (used B1 and now B2). I do product design and archviz, mostly interiors/shops. For any specific question, here I am Oh, about versions: 2008 is there for both b1 and b2 since a lot, and 2009 will be out in a few days - Sf guys got already a few compiles up and working, but they like to double check before releasing For you rhino 4.0 users there's a freely downloadable beta version of b2 to test with. It's gettin better every day.
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