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  1. So as a newbie, without actual paying work and very little experience in the motion arena I am trying to figure out some ideas for some mock projects to work on. Trying to think of unbiased ideas is proving tough. So, anybody want to give me a fake project to work on? Any ideas that might occur in the real world would be much appreciated.

  2. I probably should have been more specific with my questions. These are all good ways to go about it (god knows there's a million different way to do everything). Basically what I have right now is text in After Effects animated to rotate down around a wire with per character 3d text enabled. The text rotates then swings back and forth a couple of times until it stops. I can seem to get it so that each character falls one after the other so each individual character takes on the same animation as the text does as whole right now.

  3. Hey folks I'm working on something right now where I'm trying to animate text per character so that it swings in as if hanging from the wires like individuals signs hanging and blowing in the wind. I want the text to swing down from on top of the wires and slowly settle into place hanging underneath the wires. Any idea or resources on how I can get this to work and make it look organic. Any advice is much appreciated.

  4. That's some incredible work. I really like the organic animations. Any advice you can give for learning how to do some frame by frame animations. Any solid resources?


    Keep up the good work.

  5. Try trapcode particullar:


    but if your realistic mean is sooooo realistic B) i think one of 3d software packages is the choice.. if you need more advance particle control i suggested realflow



    Cool...that's what I was hoping...but, do you know of any resources or tutorials that would help me achieve this effect in Particular? I'm kind of banging my head against the wall trying to create it with this.

  6. pretty well done. just would like to see a new spin on this kind of thing, even if its minor. I'm just really tired of reading what im hearing, (yes im talking to you trollbAck). I'd like to think that my imagination with my eyes closed is much more powerful then reinstating what im hearing with neat type.


    The luxury we have as motion designers is that we can use both sound and vision.. dont tie them together at the ankles and toss them in front of the same train. They each deserve their own train, i think.


    Just keep in mind, its very hard to do something different and beautiful. Thats why most of us are bitter assholes.



    Nice I'm glad to know someone feels the same way, it's incredibly difficult to be unique.

  7. i gotta, say, as far as on it's own (assuming this was...erm not a copy of a copy of a copy of something cool 9 years ago) this isn't actually that great of one.


    let me hit the list:


    1) text is hard to read

    2) if your going for web, watch the interlacing (i believe i saw some)

    3) if you are using a grungy textured background (btw..kinda out of style as of the release of riot gear from andrew kramer, his great pack kinda broke the camels back [side note, watched a video from a prominant World of warcraft site (side side note thank god i no longer play that time suck) that was an exact duplicate of andrew's hallways]) don't have your text float above a solid texture the size of your entire comp you get this odd transparency thing and it looks really bad

    4)some of your side graphics are done really...well boringly. I wuld love to see that stack drop and stack up and the syrup to kinda off poor down it. these are the small touches are what make that wedding crashers one rise above the rest

    5) not every turn felt right, some of them were awkward, for instance the "oh come on man" part


    there are also the ubiquitous this has been done 1000x times, etc but im pretty sure your ass is soar enough from the other posts,


    I appreciate the critique, what kind of person would I be if I shunned any bad talk about what I've done. These kind of critiques are extremely helpful. I like that you guys are giving me reasons why it doesn't work, instead of just saying it doesn't work.

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