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  1. Shape layer > Rectangle > Adjust roundness. Animate width from a circle to rectangle. BOOM
  2. Throw it in a tracer, only if it can be straight splines though. Check out this setup for making it outside of mograph: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjgeest1fu25dir/SplinePoint-Null_Setup.c4d?dl=0 You could make the cloner editable, then use this^^, as long as theres not a ton of clones, would take a while.
  3. You could change the 'Shutter Phase' attribute in comp settings to a negative number.
  4. Hey yall, I was using this for a bit recently on Mac (Mavericks/Yosemite) and was noticing a very annoying 'lag' in the timeline while selecting keys and layers. Thought it was more on the AE side but just did some troubleshooting and this plugin is causing it, even without any of the divider layers active. Wouldn't suggest using it under mac at this point, maybe Mountain Lion is different...
  5. Looks like they released a new version a couple of days ago, and it's awesome. https://vimeo.com/121569449
  6. This should be an option, seriously. I'd change it to white. Also having problems with the keyframe selection visibility. Agree with the general consensus of this thread, what's the point of spending time on this stuff when it just goes and gets bunged up all the time.
  7. 10.8.5 because of the finder preview thing and I don't really see a reason to upgrade at this point and risk things not working.
  8. If I had to take a guess, I would say closer to half that, even less.
  9. Haha, hilarious. I don't even remember posting this. Guess I've been doing this stuff "a while now".
  10. Go in and adjust the grouping alignment property. Use a rotation property animator instead and animate the start value.
  11. To save time during the start of this process, I would use Immigration to import all of the image sequences at once into AE, since you can browse through a main directory of folders and it will find all of the sequences. As for renaming all of them, not sure.
  12. There are times when you need to re-vert back to the past import way, some things just don't transfer over properly. Sometimes faster to try that first rather than troubleshoot the whole thing.
  13. I think cheques are another form of companies holding onto their funds for another week or so, for interest sake. As a freelancer, not being paid within 30 days is a sign of disrespect to me, next project I work on gets payment deadlines in the contract. Second late payment, not working with you. What's the point if you are not getting paid?
  14. Copy all you want, and don't care about it. On to the next one. Everything is a remix.
  15. I'm going to see how long I can stay on 10.8.5, let's see how long until things stop working. These OSX updates seam like a waste of time and losing functionality.
  16. Check out Earthless I was lucky enough for my friends to take me to a bunch of metal concerts this summer, it was pretty rad.
  17. Huh, do you mean fully supported? Or some features are missing? I run octane on my mac.
  18. To make C4D behave like AE in this example: Interface > Insert/Paste New Object at: (Previous) (There is also a Luxx tutorial explaining further function of this.) Did you know you can nudge keyframes in C4D with the arrow keys? Give me my beers back. The layer that you currently have selected in the C4D layer manager is what layer new objects will be created under. Yeah
  19. I wouldn't fully kick that thing to the curb completely, might be worth holding onto and taking at look at what's wrong with it or getting it repaired for an extra render machine. Something could be as simple as a dead power supply, who knows.
  20. - Let's all go back to being human beings.. - NOW -
  21. That was some crazy bong-driven awesomeness.
  22. I started freaking out a bit, thought it was MOGWAI collabing with some weird frooty loop beats. I don't really watch tuts, so I couldn't really recognize what is and isn't a tutorial in there. Let's not forget the viewer doesn't recognize this stuff at a level that we do.
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