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  1. So im trying to build out a library with after effects files (.aep) as the main content. An Example is, we have a lot of things like webpages that need to be animated and they get used by everyone. So we made self contained .aep files that have the animations and we just import them into each project by going to File>import. it would be way easier to just make a library that could house .aep files, but it seems l can't do that.. or maybe I'm not doing correctly... Has anyone done something like this? I can obviously just add things like images, psd, AI, footage, etc to a library, but none of that stuff has the looks, animation attached to them, so its not really a template to save time. Id rather be able to go in animate that logo, save out a composition/ .aep and add it to the library then ever AE user in our team can use it without having to navigate our server to import each time. Sorry if it sounds like in ranting, I've seen so many videos on just AE > premier and that doesn't help at all. What do you guys do? * i should say I realize that libraries can handle .aep files. So hats what I'm trying o figure out a good way to work https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/libraries.html
  2. Hey guys, Since I come here a lot, I thought I would share this with everyone. Not as much mograph related, but whatever. I've been working on this game with a programmer and we are done with concepting and we have a prototype built. Just need a few funds to get move further into production. (mainly licenses, software, and updated computers) Its been a labor of love since the beginning and I have been working on this at nights and weekends getting everything as far as it is. If you guys like it and feel like helping please share it on your networking sites and donate anything you can! Thanks Fat Cheeks the Cannonball!
  3. seems to be working, thanks Random dumb question, just so i don't flood that thread with not as important information. The DVCPROHDVideooutput file, does that enable video playback through monitor? Basically would i need this file for Final cut?
  4. Thanks Todd, yeah no one else at my company is having this issue. Will fill out bug report now
  5. I have tried everything, but i have an issue with playback of video and audio in CC (not registering blackmagic audio, not working under 'system preference') and now every time i try to import .mov's it says "AE Error:: file"blahblah" cannot be imported - this 'MooV' is damaged or Corrupted." This happens with ALL .mov's and they work fine in cs6. My specs are Mac Pro early 2009 v 10.7.5 nvidia GeForce GTX 285 Cuda driver version : 5.0.59 ( i tried downgrading from the latest update, didnt change a thing) Black Magic Decklink HD Extreme 3 v 9.7.5 Now I think it's a problem with my blackmagic Decklink, but they havent put a new update out yet, do you know if there is a work around? I have tried. 1 - uninstalling black magic, and creative cloud > reinstall adobe reinstall balckmagic 2 - uninstalling black magic, and creative cloud > reinstall balckmagic reinstall adobe 3 - uninstall adobe > reninstall adobe 4 - uninstall blackmagic > reinstall blackmagic 5 - install later drivers for blackmagic and Cuda card. Cs6 still works fine, so i just work in that still, has anyone heard of this happening to anyone else? I could only find people having this issue in premier. -R
  6. Without looking at the model, My first suggestion is to freeze transformations and then delete all history of object. Re apply texture, also check your normals, it kind of looks like you hit 'extrude' one too many times and there are two sets of faces sitting on each other. Are you using a preset glass mia shader?
  7. I had that same issue, to work around it I deleted adobe application manger, restarted my computer, and downloaded cc cloud direct link. it will automatically do the same thing (open adobe app manager but it actually downloaded it without errors). So my guess would be to just restart and try again. Didn't make much sense, but it worked for me
  8. Haha Awesome. I can't wait to see the price tag.
  9. getSOME

    Sony 4k HDtv

    http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&identifier=S_4KTV I saw a commercial for this the other day, is there even something that commercially plays 4k? I only do 4k out of FCP and Ae then compress down to 1080... Seems like an overkill for something that the industry hasn't caught up too yet.
  10. Todd Thanks this should help. I will try it out today. I forgot all about the smoother!
  11. Is there a script or anything to delete 'in-between' key frames without having to select all of them to do it? Example. I'm lip syncing with audio to 'key frames', but all i really need is the highs and the lows.... so all the mess in the middle of the high peaks and low peaks i just delete to clean it up (if i have time) anyway to clean that up easier then manually deleting? Not super important, but thought someone might have a great idea for it
  12. I have this stupid issue with my intous 5 and photoshop cs6. Whenever i rotate canvas through the intous 5 i cant 'snap' it back to place so my canvas will be offset. To fix it I have to go to the rotate view tool (use my mouse/track pad) and click shift... anyone know a work around? I'm tired of having to switch back and forth. I'm guessing it's just Waicom not updating for this feature. Maybe i have to set up the shift button on my Express keys? I just got the intous 5, so i havent set up the express keys or anything like that yet.
  13. Maya > Preferences > Settings > change Centimeters to Millimeters (Ae's camara is usually set as Millimeters but you can chose that or inches will work as long as your ae camara matches. ) That will usually do the trick. I use this to import scenes into AE with baked cameras. ALSO you can just look up importing maya cameras into AE, and then use the exact camera in your scene. That should help though.
  14. I LOVEEE ITTTTTTTTT, i agree with binky... the beginning is way to slow. I would get past your logo immediately, get into the cells splitting (the part at 14 seconds) with the first keyboard break (at like 8 seconds) If you do that your timing for the rest will help and you can just fill in another piece between like 12 and 22 seconds with out having to re-edit the end. I dont have much time today for a long crit, but that was the only thing that popped in my mind! Nice job man!!
  15. hey mario, that was it! Actually that was a completely different reel with it in there, I think what i was thinking was a later date. Of course I would of never put together VW and this piece, i only remembered the tortoise. Thanks for your help!
  16. that would be awesome. I thought i had it at home, went looking, but came up empty. : (
  17. Anyone remember that Logan reel with the tortoise pulling that flying ship? I was trying to find a link somewhere, but i can't seem to locate if its even online any more... anyone know? Of course i have a FEW Tera-bytes of inspiration at home with it saved there.... but it will take me hours to search lol. should of saved the name as 'logan reel' not 10201021.mov anyways, that shit was awesome, trying to find it.
  18. getSOME


    Thanks Harry! this is awesome!
  19. just put on mute. and see if you still understand it
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