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  1. I am seriously considering building a desktop for post work (Pst! Don't tell my macs!) unless I cave and find a clean Mac Pro 5,1 12 core.


    What I am not sure of is the value of 12 core vs 6 core for C4D and AE? Assuming I will jump into Octane, when do we hit diminishing returns on the Xeon setup?


    I will be running Win 7 Pro btw (Really not sure about 10 and 8 is the devil)



  2. Mr Scott: I hear you. I am thinking to balance it with a split between theory/concept and software understanding. Towards the end of the semester, there will be more work time and I will work with students individually on either area.


    RVA8: 2 days a week, 2.5 hours/day. That is exactly what I was planning to do. First class is discussion of concepts, examples and then assignments. The second day is to talk about the software aspects of the assignments and just learning the next steps. It will also be lab time. The next week is follow up on assignments.


    I would like to include type but, not teach typography - not the scope of the class - just how to think about type in motion and communication.


    What about process? Do we all agree on process starting with sketches > storyboards?


    Great feedback guys.



  3. Hey folks,


    I am teaching a beginning mograph class at the local university in a few weeks and I thought I would throw out for your opinions on what you consider the places to begin. This is part of a graphic design program and not something dedicated to animation or film but, I want to focus more on concept and principles rather than how to use AE. They will be learning After Effects but, on their own through Lynda.com. Right now, my focus is on the 12 principles of animation and how to translate them to what they know about the principles of design. I then will focus on the ideas of timing, editing and using sound. I also will cover compression/formats.


    Anything to add or question?




    Chris, I'm going to guess that you owned your copy of Creative Suite before Adobe started pushing CC. That advice is great for new users, but for those of us who have invested thousands of dollars maintaining our licenses already, the situation isn't nearly that rosy.


    Not to continue beating on the Spotify thing, but ownership of entertainment media is an entirely different situation with a much less serious set of ramifications than not owning the primary tools with which you generate income.


    It's a mindset. Just think "pre-pay" and you will be just fine.




    Which is exactly the opposite of what I was told when I opted for the cloud, a decision I am regretting even as we speak. I was also told I could keep my cloud apps and they would work if I decided not to carry on or take a break for a year. This is a lie, and is tantamount to criminal miss-selling. In fact, were this a financial product I'm sure there would be some sort of enquiry. However, it might be that the sales staff were just not aware or didn't understand the T & C's and didn't knowingly miss-sell the package. Be sure that when we're all on the prices will be hiked.


    The server is NOT robust in the slightest as I'm often asked to re-connect to confirm the license even if I already am online. Also, forget the 30 days grace period - that simply does NOT work (at least for me). End of.


    Just to be balanced, I appreciate Todd's contributions here and I'm glad to have the full Creative Suite, but by all that is holy someone needs to create a new mograph app as this lack of competition is not good for the end users.


    I have been on CC for awhile now and I have not had to re-connect once, at least not that I have seen.


    I understand people having issues with this new paradigm - change is hard. However, change *will* happen. It's better to adjust, look at the positive benefits to it, and move on. I am having a good experience with the CC. It's pretty much invisible to me.



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