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    Flying Whales

    Juxtaposed against the brilliant lyrics "WHALES!!!" in the audio makes it awesomesauce. Well done! -gl
  2. I am seeing some issues with a cloner object that is introducing some uv mapping problems on my geometry. Here is a screenshot of the issue. I have tried adjusting the 'Fix Texture' parameter but, it doesn't seem to affect this issue. Any ideas? -gl
  3. Does anyone ever get the feeling that Steve Jobs put the new MacPro in his will to have it buried with him? -gl
  4. Choosing an appropriate typeface shouldn't be dismissed as an important part of typography. Just sayin. -gl
  5. This is great news. Can't wait to see what comes of it. -gl
  6. _gl

    Mograph + Bikes

    You just went up in my estimation of you...if that was possible. I hope to get a Ducati Monster this summer. Love the sound of the Ducs! -gl
  7. _gl

    Mograph + Bikes

    Adobe built a new building in Utah that has a dedicated bike room with racks and all the tools/equipment you need for maintenance. They also provide a free riding kit (jersey,bibs, etc) if you commute in on bike consistently. Pretty cool stuff. -gl
  8. I really enjoyed the work and message of this. Congrats on being a part of it! -gl
  9. Do you have a presentation space for sales? -gl
  10. Upgrade the video card. -gl
  11. Actually, this is exactly the technique I ended up using. Worked pretty well. I did a little diddy experimenting with it. http://youtu.be/pqUQh2WWCD8 -gl
  12. Ok. I thought this was going to be a lot simpler now as we have been morphing things for a long time. I guess the fad died before it was easy. -gl
  13. So, using the shapes layer "path" attribute, how do you go from say a rectangle to an elipse? -gl
  14. What do you do to morph to shape layers? Reshape effect? -gl
  15. Is anyone running Windows 8 on their workstation? If so, how is it? Planning to stay with Win7 on a build but, wondered about 8. -gl
  16. Feel free to send me that tired, old 12 core MacPro since it's such an eyesore -gl
  17. Wait, this is supposed to be fun? I agree with the sentiment and that is reason I ask the question. I want the animation to add to the communication. There needs to be an idea evolving from each frame. Otherwise, it's a distraction. On the process side, how do you 'sketch' out these ideas? Do you draw quick thumbnails of storyboards? Animatics? Flipbooks? I am curious how others develop their ideas. -gl
  18. Where do you come up with your ideas for motion/movement for objects? As a designer, I have been sketching and concepting with a pencil for many years for layout, logo, illustration, etc. What I am finding difficult to translate this process to is actually moving those objects - especially when they don't have an obvious motivation. Primarily this comes up when I get a client that wants the standard mograph deliverable, logo animation, I find myself struggling with ideas on how to make it interesting. I hate the standard camera moves that feel unmotivated yet, that seems to be what happens a lot. I just wondered what others do in ideation especially when the project doesn't really call for specifics "ACME Widgets, Inc.". -gl
  19. Can't wait to see/use it. I may even come back to NAB to see it again -gl
  20. The plugin actually. I don't know what the issue was but, it seemed to be a cranky Python issue. Still looking forward to seeing your awesome CStools update. I was pretty much blown away at NAB. -gl
  21. I just updated and the bug has been squished. Apparently, it was unique to R13 Mac which is what I am sporting. -gl
  22. Anyone having crashes with this plugin? It works great until I try to open a project file with this plugin in use. -gl
  23. I am still wondering about this myself. I have seen octo-core Macpros going for $1500 while a new juiced up iMac w/ 4 cores is twice that. If you are rendering in C4D, it seems like more core = more happy, no? -gl
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