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  1. I think something like "Rule of Thirds" is a starting place. In design, I often will begin here, sub-consciously, and work out from there. In photography, I experiment with visual tension by starting at thirds and then moving the focal point(s) just off or really off. OTOH, sometimes lining things up on thirds just feels right. What I have to be careful of is to get too wrapped up in adhering or avoiding rules for the sake of doing so. That kills the spirit of creativity for me. -gl
  2. Is this new to the browsers or is there really a new .js virus?
  3. So, you can't specify a specific point to track in the new CS6 tracker? -gl
  4. _gl


    If only this wasn't so expensive <sarcasm>. I do wonder what percentage of my animation will now got to AE from C4D utilizing Element. -gl
  5. Fun stuff in there. Shows your creativity over the medium. Nice job.
  6. The great thing about dslrs is simply the option. It gives a tool that you can experiment and explore with. I still say that if you are on a pro job you should pony up for pro gear. The BMD cam needs maturation to be a versatile camera but, in a studio environment it would work rather well. -gl
  7. I held it at NAB and played around with their little tiki bar setup. I think the camera has a lot of potential back there are still some significant drawbacks. -gl
  8. If only I had a new MacPro, I could actually do great work. I guess I'm stuck with a pencils, paper and a brain. -gl
  9. _gl

    AE6 has arrived

    Bevel dem antlers! -gl
  10. _gl

    Old TV artist guy

    He's kind of creepy but, the enthusiasm is great. -gl
  11. In the first piece, the monster walking felt a little 'sliddey' to me. I did like the feeling of weight with his walk. The slow movement of the clouds was nice. Maybe a little movement of the environment reacting to his walk? Second piece open was really nice. I the UFO's path was a little too direct. Maybe a little curve in the trajectory and some ease in the animation in general. Really like the look. -gl
  12. Has anyone come across a multi-cpu socketed MB that is a solid Hackintosh option? Dual Xeons in other words. -gl
  13. Whatever workflow works most efficient for you is what you should use. I have actually been experimenting with using PS' 3d options with C4D. It may actually be another option for styleframes or at least to explore some sketches. -gl
  14. This is the beauty of using Photoshop as you can just import the layered psd afterwards. You do have to build it with that in mind however. -gl
  15. The study and practice of design, principles and elements, will last you your whole life and could span several career changes. If you are going to spend time studying something, let it be those. I will never regret the decision to focus on universal concepts over button-pushing, will change tomorrow courses. I would also add that you can benefit from other disciplines like photography, animation, or other visual mediums. Mograph, in my limited experience, benefits from all of this knowledge because the best work incorporates them. In fact, having a background in music from my early years has also been really helpful. One other note. A lot of students focus so much on the "doing" when it comes to art and not worrying so much about what they have to say with the art. To me, this is a significant benefit to school. The other classes which seemingly have no application to your career may actually inform your work if you have the right perspective. I had a mythology class that I loved. I found so much information in that course about storytelling and structure. I even found some visual styles from the ancient art used to pass down mythology. Fascinating stuff. -gl
  16. Another vote Binky. There is a lot of tool training/sharing out there but, not enough process and concept development information. I'll even pre-order it if you sign my copy -gl
  17. FWIW I had a similar dilemma as I wanted to focus on filmmaking but, the school I attended had a "multimedia" program that was all about learning software and not principles. I turned to the graphic design program as they focused on the principles and elements of design that are universal visually speaking. I have supplemented that with personal study in filmmaking (writing, cinematography,direction,editing, etc). I didn't want to spend tuition on learning software that will be different in a year. I wanted education that would put my feet on the path to creativity and process that would not change. -gl
  18. I have wondered about the speed of local tv and mograph. Seems like meatball surgery to me. You do get fast I guess. -gl
  19. Not intended as a whinerfest. I was just wondering who actually produces mograph within a large org. Having worked at all sizes myself, I am of the assumption that most mograph is produced by agencies for said orgs. However, I just wanted to put a feeler out. I "put up" every day. No worries on that count. -gl
  20. Anyone here part of a large organization doing mograph work? I am curious if anyone feels like they are thriving creatively in a large corp. I know I don't. -gl
  21. I have seen many push the boundaries on the style guide. If it's tastefully done, they generally don't have a problem. -gl
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