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  1. There really is a lot to be said for experience and also that pigheadedness of not settling on something that's "good enough". I am probably too much of a perfectionist at times and not enough at others. Part of that is training my eye to see the faults like your "videoey" problem. I don't want to give up on production completely as it at least keeps me informed of what the technical challenges are. I just am a vision kind of artist and I am ultimately wanting the story to have impact. If only I could be awesome at both -gl
  2. The great thing about this thread is that we are speaking of things that I love and understand. As soon as we get into C4D and Python, my eyes glaze over -gl
  3. Yes, Scott. Hence my general leanings toward direction. I am generally in love with the process, the end results and the audience reaction more than anything. However, I still have to communicate the ideas well so the summary of this discussion for me is really about that getting the ideas out and developed. I also don't hate production if it means I get to realize my ideas. I am just not as passionate about it. -gl
  4. Simon, Your point about passion is well taken. I have asked myself this several times. My ultimate passion is storytelling. I have chosen visual arts as the medium. I am the first to admit, however, that the technical aspects of it are only interesting to me as a means to move the story forward. I do believe in a well-crafted product and I enjoy creating that. I just get frustrated when I struggle to get the results. It sounds like I am not alone in that. I am allergic to spending a lot of time sitting at the computer however. I like to do my research away from the desk at libraries, bookstores, taking photos and sketching - usually listening to music. -gl
  5. Your honesty and insight is very helpful, Binky. When a new idea comes into my head, I always question how much of it seems awesome because of some subconscious information I am informing the idea with and it would not read the same out in the wild. So, yes, the idea has no measurement until it is out and being experienced by others. So, back full circle to process and building details. I am still curious what others do to explore those ideas. Sketching, writing, or ...? Depends? Sketching seems to be the most effective -gl
  6. Chris, This is why I generally lean towards directing because I think like this - What is the concept and how do I reinforce it. This is at the essence of my struggle because I get the ideas and the overall visuals in my head but, once I start sketching and executing the idea seems to lose it's impact and power. I do appreciate the overall sentiment in this thread about the details. Taking the time to deliberate on those I think will help a lot. I either just have to spend more time with my sketching skills or figuring out how to surgically place a usb port in my head -gl
  7. I do think there is a combination of both issues. Yes, my technical execution skills need development in terms of realizing the ideas in my head. Mograph can require a broader toolset compared to print or even web. This is most likely just a time issue. Putting the time in with the tools. I spend a lot of time in all worlds of design so, that makes it difficult. Binky's post is representative of my biggest issue. Mograph requires more details associated with the concept. I often find myself not spending enough time identifying all those details and go to execution too quickly because the picture in my head is exciting. I then find myself knee deep in the work wondering why it's not looking like that cool mental idea. I just need to identify more of the "bony knuckles" before I go to the computer. So, what do you do to ensure you have all the details? Thanks for working with me on this. I really appreciate it. -gl
  8. btw my site is unfortunate right now. Big update coming soon -gl
  9. So, I have a confession to make. I struggle with mograph. I have spent many years dabbling (started using AE at version 3) and attempting to develop myself in motion graphics and have found that I don't quite 'get it'. I am a graphic designer so, I understand principles of design. I know how to setup a shot (photographer and videographer). I just find that I hit a wall with putting an idea in motion. I have had a number of clients come to me for intros or other pieces and I feel like my ideas and the results are limited. A large part of it is translating what's in my head into reality. I may go too quickly from sketching to the computer but, even then, I feel like I struggle to use the digital tools to make what I see in my head. Has anyone hit this wall? What did you do to overcome it? I really want to get past this and bridge this gap. Any ideas would be appreciated. -gl
  10. I think what we are seeing is that some people think that technical knowledge = competence or in other words, if you can push a button, your a designer. Just like owning a calculator and a notepad doesn't make you an accountant, owning a DSLR and C4D doesn't make you an artist - producing creative with whatever you have does! Design happens in the process of problem solving, not in the execution. -gl
  11. ^ This is truth laid before all. Good work will stand on it's own. People who care about good work will pay for it and those that don't are better to avoid anyway. -gl
  12. It does have a similar flow like kinetic type animation. It gives me a couple of good ideas to think about. Thanks. -gl
  13. Wiggle is the answer to almost 76.3% of all AE questions -gl
  14. I am working on a marketing video presentation where we are showing a software product. The product is marginally interesting and the screencap is bland. I am looking for some inspiration on how to at least add some interest to the presentation. Any examples you can think of? -gl
  15. Dunno if you guys have seen this but, here are some CS6 Raytrace Cuda comparisons, including the Retinabook, from @rendernyc: Cuda CS6 -gl
  16. How is the Corporate / Advertising world in London? I have been thinking of relocating there. -gl
  17. Did Chris have a R3D altercation that I have not heard about? -gl
  18. I would say one weakness in "the process" would be if a client comes back and requests a change that the plugin doesn't have a button for. Personally, I have no issue with the VCP/GSG stuff. It's the lazy guy who doesn't integrate it into a good concept that causes these discussions. -gl
  19. I will definitely hit you up next year. I loved being at the show and plan to make it a yearly tradition. So much energy there. -gl
  20. Sometimes when I come to this board, none of the fields are present. Anyone else experience this on a mac? -gl
  21. I came up after and said thanks and shook your hand but, didn't introduce myself. You were surrounded by adoring fans. -gl
  22. First of all, I am so excited by what you presented with AutoCam. I look forward to seeing Nick put it up with Gotham type treatment so I can add it to my toolset. Great work! I really appreciated the community aspect I was seeing at NAB. I work in several different circles in my work (editors, mograph and production) and I just love how open and welcoming everyone was at the Maxon booth. It was a breath of fresh air. -gl
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