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  1. Sweet. Awesome sessions. Look forward to attending yours! -gl
  2. Is there a schedule of the presenters in the Maxon booth posted anywhere? -gl
  3. Can a Spline Mask be applied to any object? -gl
  4. Thanks Mylenium. I was not aware of the Spline Mask. That's exactly what I was looking for I think. -gl
  5. I have trained myself to think in animated masks thanks to AE and I am trying to fogure out what the equivilent is in C4D in revealing geometry. How can I 'reveal' an object over time? -gl
  6. Got sketches? I would be careful about the infinite loop that can take place by messin about in the tool without the original concept firmly in mind. To Sao's point, it might be best to step back and make sure you know what the real essence of the title is and build focus there - with a pencil. -gl
  7. Wow. I have to stop assuming this is harder than it appears. Thanks. Admins: Where is the delete button? -gl
  8. So, I have two basic shapes that collide and I basically want to animate a boolean operation. I have C4D broadcast. Is there a deformer that effects this kind of operation? -gl
  9. Ehmie wins! I forgot to check the QT settings. -gl
  10. I have both R13 and AE 5.5. I must be overlooking something. -gl
  11. So, I have a C4D animation where I animate the camera with a null. When I export the data to AE the camera motion does not seem to match the output of the rendering. Is this because the keyframes are on the null instead of the camera? -gl
  12. I have personally found the structure of music visually inspiring. So many ideas for me come from the textures, patterns and dynamics found in music. I have also been interested in directing music videos but, it seems the market is more limited commercially than it used to be. However, experimental and exploratory pieces independently produced certainly look good in the portfolio. -gl
  13. Thanks all. I wasn't being facetious. I do see the benefit however. So, do you create nulls for every move you want to do to an object? -gl
  14. So, can someone talk about the basic advantages and reasoning for using parenting in lieu of controlling a single object directly? I have seen the trend in AE and C4D where cameras are parented for animation. Why not apply the animation characteristics directly to the camera? -gl
  15. The funny thing is that I have said the same thing as a graphic designer to a client who is a landscape design firm. Talk about creating something that has a physical impact. Then they get to see it mature and become. Most designers see their work expire with trends and ad campaigns - Milton Glasier and a handful of others notwithstanding. The constant need to visually reinvent in order to catch the attention of the low-brow buyer is invigorating and depressing at times. -gl
  16. Actually, that is helpful for me to think of this more along the lines of story rather than a series of static designs. I have been on both sides - filmmaking and design - and the former is easier for me to use as a framework. I will say that I chose Graphic Design as a study pursuit in college because it felt more based on principles than most film programs (those seemed more interested in how to push buttons). My intention was always to apply it to film and storytelling though. -gl
  17. For those who went from a transitional graphic design background into motion design, What was the most difficult aspect of the transition? Translating design concepts to motion? I find that I sometimes struggle to be really creative with my concepts when considering motion. I have been so focused on a defined canvas. -gl
  18. Relatedly, music is such a key element, when do you typically select and edit your audio? I recognize this all depends on the type of project but, in a corporate/broadcast type of project when are you selecting your audio? -gl
  19. In any design project, my normal process is to not go anywhere near the computer until I have a solid idea as to what I want to execute. With motion design, I have been experimenting with different approaches. I guess what stimulated my question was mainly style frames. They usually look pretty finished and I wondered at which part of the process designers were providing those? It seems like a lot of work to show concepts when the client could come back on make significant changes. -gl
  20. I am curious as to the different processes folks follow to initiate and develop your concepting. How do you develop an idea? Is your thumbnailing process begin with a keyframe? I am just evaluating my own and was curious as to what other artists are doing. -gl
  21. _gl

    C4D and type

    Alas, no mograph right now Is it impossible without it? -gl
  22. _gl

    C4D and type

    This may be a fundamental question but, how do you put type on a path in C4d and keep it editable? -gl
  23. Thanks for the reply. Forgive me but, I am not sure what you are suffering to with "MP"? I learned a couple of things from this. First of all, ask questions several days in advance However, the main lesson is that pixel motion is fantastic as long as you don't attempt to compress the footage at all -gl
  24. I have a project where I am utilizing the "pixel-motion technology" in a 200% time stretch. The animation looks great until I try to render it to anything other than Animation. The image tends to break up. Here is a sample: Good: Bad: Ideas? -gl
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