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    creative cow

    This is what sent me away from there...and the prosumerish tenancies that seem mostly prominent. As a "forum leader" I had made a few design-oriented comments on usability of the forums and the general design critiques of the magazine (LOTS of opportunity there ie. u.g.l.y.) and was told to mind my own business. There is some serious heavy-handedness there along with a megalomaniac approach I left have not missed it. I have colleagues that stay on and bite their tongue in the name of marketing but, I can't do that. mooniacs -gl
  2. Thanks for the input. I re-rendered using QMC with a sample count of 512 and medium oversampling. I also found that the wall texture had lumi applied to it (this was modeled by someone else). I removed that as well. It was improved, but it is a bit noisy. Here is the new render: -gl
  3. I am rendering a GI image where the shadows are doing some funky things. The object feels like it's floating over the surface when in fact it is sitting directly on it. The shadows seem to be creating this effect but, I am not sure why. What would cause this? -gl
  4. I'm not sure how many here are actually doing banner ad work but, I am just wondering how much of it is going towards video inclusion? Are we at a point where including video on a highly trafficked web page is 'ok'? -gl
  5. Does anyone actually use After Effects for generating Flash/SWF projects? I would love to hear some workflow ideas. I much prefer AE's animation tools but, if you do anything other than transforms in AE, it has to rasterize the files. Whatchu people do? -gl
  6. Yes, I did register the serial. The problem I am having is when I attempt to past in the new serial number it seems to ignore it. If I past all of the serials (Main, 11.5 Upgrade and ADV render) it says "In progress" on the existing serial numbers on the right and appears to time out. It should be a lot simpler than this -gl
  7. So, I purchased a module for C4D and I got a serial number. How do I enable the module with the serial? The serial appear to be a temporary one. -gl
  8. _gl


    Even the low-end MacPro is superior to the iMac for pro use simply for the fact that you can add fast storage and video. I would take the lower model MP over the iMac everyday of the week and twice on Saturday. -gl <- typing this on an iMac 24"
  9. Aww yeah! Thanks Mr Tea -gl
  10. I am working on transferring my knowledge of modeling over from Maya to C4D but, I am missing a few things. One notable item is 'center pivot'. I know there were some plugins that accomplished this but, is there not a native means to do this now on 11.5? -gl
  11. I freelanced for 7+ years as a designer and it's a tough life if you are a family kinda person. For singles, it's the only way to fly in my opinion. -gl
  12. The Canon T1i is in that general range (little more). If you want pics and video it's clearly your best option. The 30p is an issue and while there is a chance Canon will address it with firmware, don't count on it. -gl
  13. _gl

    AE Null question

    Very cool. Thank you! This is perfect. -gl
  14. This is probably a simple problem but, I can't get my head around it. I want to have a series of stills rotate in a spherical shape as a group. Clearly this calls for a null parent but, is there a way to orient the x number of stills to the null? Is there a script that would auto-orient them? -gl
  15. Love the system you folks came up with. It looks like a fun sandbox to play in. -gl
  16. If your budget is low, I wouldn't dismiss the 5D too fast. The compression is unfortunate but, it still produces a gorgeous picture and for certain projects it works very well. -gl
  17. I agree that Rand's approach is "the" approach. However, that puts a lot of pressure on you to make sure you really are coming up with "the" solution. It also means you have to educate the client the whole way. They need to know before you start what you are doing, while you are working and when you present the final results. I love the Rand/Jobs story but part of it is currently left out in this discussion. Rand gave Jobs a very complete presentation on the process he went through to arrive at the NEXT logo. It's worth a google and reading through it. Paul Rand was incredibly gifted but, he had a solid process that he went through and the presentation describes it. -gl
  18. Agreed. I was much more interested in the Pentax because it supported Mjep...which feels a little backwards but still better. -gl
  19. I don't think it addressed the data rate...at least not yet. That would be very nice though. Once we get 24p, This will be *the* camera for indie and experimental work. -gl
  20. This may be too simple and understood but, the fact is there are people doing fabulous work on all of the tools mentioned and there is crap being done with them as well. I don't think any of them in the right hands will fail. A true professional will know the weaknesses and work around them. C4D is capable of doing excellent work notwithstanding it's weak areas. For mograph, it seems the strengths mostly play well to the needs. Let's just accept that, like many things in life, people have developed preferences and you can't argue against them. Mac -vs- Windows, BMW -vs- Mercedes, lid up -vs- lid down...it's all the same -gl
  21. _gl

    Value of awards

    Okies. I was just curious. It seems to be more of an agency need more than anything. -gl
  22. I am just the topic-meister today.... Have you seen an impact on careers, yours or others, from industry/creative awards? Has the ability to say you are an award-winning designer, director, etc. made a difference in your opportunities? I have avoided them in my career up to this point but, I am wondering if they actually do play into certain situations. -gl
  23. I do agree that C4D is behind in some technical areas. However, the UI is still the most approachable and seems to encourage creativity rather than daunt you with tasks. I have Maya and have used 3DS and others. For the most part, they all feel pretty similar but C4D is more intuitive coming from a Photoshop-influenced world. Maya feels good from a modeling standpoint but project, layer and effect management is painful. I just love the drag and drop aspect to C4D. It really made sense to me after using only a few minutes. Anyway, I thought I would apprise anyone who has thought about adding C4D to the asset list. -gl
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