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  1. The price in Australia is double what you would pay in the US.. and our dollar is worth more? Rancid, shameless, robbing piece of shit wankers.
  2. I'd say it's quick as piss.. When i was briefly studying 3D and using Windows at school i never had issues running AE and it def wasn't slower than on OSX.. it depends what's under the hood for Adobe for the most part, not the operating system.. I don't think anything will really change. I honestly believe Apple won't drop their Pro products, they'll alter them possibly to look shiny and make the box smaller but they won't drop having high end products. I hope i don't have to eat my words... mainly cause i put 'piss' and 'shit' in there..
  3. Their customers are not the working professionals anymore— Apple's own iMacs/Macbooks are getting killed off by the iPad.. I really hope someone at the company can stand up and really push for it to be continued, it'd be a damn shame to lose.
  4. It could mean one of many things. It's difficult for someone to do this as a hobby and post on this forum— a professional motion graphics forum. There are many rules in the world of graphic design, you may have broken every single one of them amongst your posted videos. I by no means wish to discourage you. You have a lot to learn when it comes to design, typography, timing, animation, colour.. This is something that never stops for anyone in the design world, so do not be discouraged. Check this link for some books to help this process along..
  5. Very nice work mate— i'm loving character animation at the moment and yours is lovely.
  6. Yeah thanks Todd, that information is priceless. @simon. Yeah solution will to be just get a level of motion blur that the client is comfortable with and run with it.
  7. Hi I have a pre-comp set up that is a bunch of images of 3d cutout people and ground layer that is 10,000px width and it is nested in a separate comp with a camera panning across for 24 sec that comes to an end at a logo resolve. Simple right? I'm having major issues when it comes to rendering.. 1. When i interlace i get artifacts in some brighter areas of the cut out people. 2. When it's progressive the image stutters so much that your brain overloads. I've played with motion blur, problem is that we need to still be able to resemble the cut out people whilst camera is panning along. I also tried slowing down the pan.. I think the problem lies in the camera move being too fast and wishing that my eyes would see clearly without the stutter when the truth is that moving images calls for motion blur.. If anyone has any idea's or any help that'd be much appreciated! Regards Constant
  8. I think Apple are having a go at really shaking up a market thats been fairly solid over last decade, and they will achieve that. Anyone who uses FCP for work day in, day out will still use FCP7 until they solve most of the core issues. Give it time, i think most people will change over in the next couple of years and everyone will be happy again.. until 2030 when FCPXXX hits the app store.
  9. Who gives a shit, it looks pretty— all the cool kids will buy it!
  10. Binky said it well.. The Stuxnet animation was created for Australian ABC's "edgy youth current affairs" program 'Hungry Beast' for whom Patrick makes amazing info-graphics and design for week in, week out. He's done plenty of mediocre looking info-graphics before this one which was pulled out for the final episode.. best was saved for last This is some work from the animator from Buck from years ago— i'm guessing he was inspired by something he'd seen whilst studying.
  11. Yeah— wow, Warp Stabilizer is looking pretty good..
  12. Anyway to just get After Effects rather the whole production suite?
  13. ConstantMotion


    What happens now? Anything change?
  14. I wasn't having a go at anyone. I was never told the straight answer, and in the long run it helps your workflow knowing how to access a certain effect rather than having to refer to that website every time you need to create a certain graphic. @yocfe Shape layers have hidden parameters if you search for them.
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