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  1. Those first two links are Surface demos I built for MS. The other two are using custom multitouch hardware from Obscura. We're working on other cool stuff, but it's pretty secret right now. Our proper website will be up at www.stimulant.io in the next week or so.
  2. Hi Mark -- thanks for chiming in! I think there is definitely a certain amount of mutual inspiration happening between films and real software, or at least films and software R&D. I've been fascinated by the movie style for a while as an opportunity to make stuff without the limitations imposed by the web, or specific hardware/software, or users, or reality in general. I briefly thought about trying to get into that industry, but got sidetracked by the new stuff coming out which starts to make some of the movie-style stuff possible. That's the sort of work I'm doing lately and have been loving it so far, but I still love the stuff in the movies. The difficulty I have with the movie stuff is that there's no real way to look at it "up close" until the DVD ships. I really wish there was a mograph or motionographer for this sort of work. Perhaps the pile of links you posted would be a good starting point for me to make one. Some stuff my company has been up to: http://endquote.com/projects/surface/retail/ http://endquote.com/projects/surface/restaurant/ http://blog.lookorfeel.com/index.php/2007/...ultitouch-wall/ http://blog.lookorfeel.com/index.php/2007/...-canvas-videos/
  3. Hey -- thanks for all the links... lots of good eye candy there. It's interesting to find that Coleran's quit to do real software. I wish this area of motion graphics was getting some coverage of it's own! I'd love to keep up on what folks are doing.
  4. Hi all -- new guy here. I'm not a motion graphics person, but rather a software developer looking to connect with some motion graphics folks. I tend to work in weird types of software -- stuff displayed on big walls and tables, cell phones, some web stuff, lots of things that never get past the prototype stage, etc. Half the reason I watch movies these days is to see how software is depicted in them. It's great to see what sort of interfaces people come up with when unencumbered by things like reality. The thing that really bugs me though is that once I'm out of the theater, I can't look at this work up close. Usually the shot of the guy at the computer is 10s of whiz-bang that took weeks to produce and is barely credited in the end. For example, there's some really sweet work in Iron Man, and I was able to find the company that made it, but would love to check out the portfolios of the actual people involved. The only person I know of that does this sort of thing is Coleran, but there's got to be more around. So: Who does this sort of work? Are there other forums or blogs or anything dedicated to it? If not, I'd think about making one just to bring more attention to this stuff.
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