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  1. Just wanted to post the music video I just finished for Hyperdub's Darkstar: http://www.sembler.co.uk/project_gold/ Hope you like
  2. evanbbb


    Put this in the central discussion then thought better of it so sorry for the double post. A project I've been working on which I hope you guys like. Any feedback appreciated: Labyrinths
  3. Too much of motion graphics is addicted to spectacle and there is very little critical engagement with the, still infant, art form. The project is a conceptual exercise examining the role of technological embodiment and the idea of the authoritarian author (that's you mister animator). Thanks for the constructive criticism though.
  4. Hi, I just wanted to share a project I've worked on for the last couple months that involves a different approach to music visuals, and narratives in general. Didn't really think it fit in the showcase section as it's more software than visual. Any feedback appreciated: http://www.peelyoureyes.com/labyrinths.html
  5. Just updated my website and showreel. Got feedback on my last one for having to long of an intro so hopefully this one is snappy enough. Available for freelance in London. www.peelyoureyes.com
  6. And thanks for all the positives guys. It gets me into a good mindset to go beg for work
  7. I see what you guys mean. I had actually seen that before but I completely forgot about it. If you look around youTube, there are tons of early motion videos that use a humanoid figure with some basic shapes. I'd like to think we drew inspiration form the same place and Microsoft just didn't infect my mind. Hmm... those last five words were a bit scary to type - I'm going to change it.
  8. Yeah I have a collection of interesting static textures on a drive for when I need anything as well. I'm looking for more of motion textures if that makes sense. hmm...
  9. I see your point of it taking to long, but that is how long the opening segment of the song is. And yes, i'll have another go at the type treatment. thx
  10. Well I've lurked on here long enough - time to post my reel. Any suggestions/comments/critiques are more than welcome. Also, I start my life as a freelancer Monday. Anyone know of places in London currently looking for AE / C4D freelancers? Might as well ask right? www.peelyoureyes.com Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm doing a research project, for my MA, on non-digital materials used within motion graphics. Classic examples include stop-motion clay animation or ink filmed in a fish tank. Any other examples out there? I'm looking for techniques and, more specifically, materials (cloth, metal, earth, etc.) that pertain more to animation and motion graphics and less to traditional film i.e. miniatures and explosions. A bit broad but a bit specific as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. evanbbb

    SpringReel -

    "needs to be stronger and hit the beats dead on." I'd agree with that comment. The song is so beat heavy that the cuts need to be dead on and "punchy". Getting rid of the fades between the pieces would help a lot.
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