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  1. Peedy, I agree with Mike post a file it will be easier to help you but from the looks of your link it looks like you need to set up some coverage render camera if your going to try and push the projection that far. Also, you should be be able to setup alphas on the projections so it won't show anything but the matte (cutting the other geometry out). Hope that makes sense. Cheers, Josh
  2. Nice work, Andy and cool to see you here. Cheers, Josh
  3. Some new tutorials: Here's a new in-depth multi-pass/comping tutorial and preset I made. You can find it on my site or on Vimeo. Here's an update to an older tutorial I did on using Turbulence FD and particles/TP. Vimeo Cheers, Josh
  4. New Tutorial showing how to create Vray Proxies and use them with dynamics, mograph and thinking particles. Link Cheers, Josh
  5. I just posted a preview video for my next tutorial. Covering C4D, AE, SynthEyes, some Vray and more. Vimeo link or check out the post on my website. Cheers, Josh
  6. You said it perfectly . It certainly depends on what you need out of the shot, time constraints and the nature of the shot. LOL xllr8, if your looking to learn about tracking and VFX and you use Cinema 4D I created a new website about a month ago that focuses on that area. I have a few tutorials there now but looks for more in the near future. mysite Cheers, Josh
  7. All of the these shots could be achieved with 2D tracks. Especially with the help of something like Mocha. To me the only shot that looked like it was a 3D track was the one on the beach with the rainbow shape of text over the girl. Some of the tracks looked like it had some slipping in them but possibly it was stylistic thing? Cheers, Josh
  8. New quick tip is up. Using a SynthEyes to generate a 2D tracker in After Effects. http://www.vfxdaily.com/?p=115 Cheers, Josh
  9. New Tutorial/Quick Tip: Working with greenscreen footage inside of C4D. http://www.vfxdaily.com/?p=86 Cheers, Josh
  10. Thanks themotiongeek! Glad to hear you liked the tutorial and site. -Josh
  11. Thanks highfive more to come this week! -Josh
  12. lol Thanks for the head up . -Josh
  13. Well I finished my new website and I made a tutorial for it this morning. Involving Matchmoving and VFX etc. Check it out: http://www.vfxdaily.com/ -Josh
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