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  1. I thought for sure there was something more to it. It came out so surreal, really went well with those super mario dudes. Cheers.
  2. When we go hog hunting at night and one dog sees a hog (or thinks she sees a hog) and they all jump out of the back of the pickup like syncronized swimmers. Dogs lack the decision making skills that make humans so boring.
  3. Why not charge to post jobs or get into the placement business. You could still keep the free job listings if you want. Companies could pay a little for a sticky, or front page ad, or maybe even broadcasted PM (I never get PMs and wouldn't find it annoying). It's more progressive than a banner ad and will probably pay better. People are looking to change jobs all the time. And companies will shell out some coin to look more professional on a board with this many quality candidates. Just my .02.
  4. Note to self: If humanly possible, drink more beer than usual.
  5. When the government puts chips in our heads, I hope there is some sort of smart blur process included in it. This might help me come to grips with the busted chicks in Willis, Texas. As for the work, I can't imagine how they sucked in the waste of the rap video girls while dancing so convincingly. I guess that has to be done frame by frame. So fresh and so clean.
  6. "Branding is not about a name or a logo. Branding is about telling a compelling story consistently." -Peter Cooke Peter Cooke thinks you should name your production company "Joel Osteen Ministries". You'll be hotter than fish grease before you know it. Oh, maybe "Fish Grease" would work too.
  7. Snap! Mr. Frank goes hard. He's probably right on everything he said too. My two cents... 1. Keep at it. Finding work is hard for almost everyone right now. Don't be discouraged. 2. I love The Dirtbombs on your reel.
  8. So yeah, it's dope and all. What I was wondering is how you achieved the very surreal grass at the beginning with the hint of DOF. Did I mention it's dope?
  9. I didn't find a link to this on the board. I hope yall can get great use out of it. I have. FFMPEGX one of the best compression and conversion platforms available and it's open source. It converts just about anything to just about anything. H264, 263, AVI, MOV, MPEG, IPOD, PSP, DIVX, DVD, FLV, blah blah blarg http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/
  10. I know it's probably too late to help, but sometimes you can get used DVX100's for under a grand on Ebay. I've never had great luck with Cannon and the color on a panasonic is second to none. Build your own Depth of Field adapter and read some tutorials on dvxuser.com and in a week or two that extra $300 bucks you spent will look like a really smart investment when people think all of your home videos were shot on film.
  11. It's not all smart like a book, but Hollywood Camera Work is a DVD that outlines proper blocking techniques. It will absolutely help you in setting up 3d comps and moving cameras in AE, but probably not much else you are wanting.
  12. The only two things I can add to the equation... 1. Use multiple views, make one view small, about 12.5 and set it to "top". This way you can quickly move around with an overview of where you are and where the camera is pointing. 2. I pickwhip the point of interest to the position as well, but then I add + [x,y,z] to expression control sliders on a null. It should look something like this.... position + [thisComp.layer("expression controls").effect("x")("Slider") , thisComp.layer("expression controls").effect("y")("Slider") , thisComp.layer("expression controls").effect("z")("Slider")] This way you can keep that marriage of POI and P but also add additional expressions, jolts, hiccups, whatever you want.
  13. Big fan of the forum and it's harshness. Used to post a few years back before the database went down. Decided to come back, because my career took me back to mograph. On the North West side of Houston. I'm sortof friendly. My turn-ons are; rainbow colored gradients, helvetica, null objects, and rough sex. My turn-offs include; emoticons, lens flares, and Commodore 64's Now with that out of the way I can go post on topics without anyone saying that was your first post.
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