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  1. This topic from CC from a couple of years back might be helpful: https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/1021381
  2. It's pretty simple to achieve that effect with masks. Here's a quick tip tutorial on YouTube that explains the basics. Adjust to taste. https://youtu.be/sj-0lYLyctE
  3. Nice one... I have a video wall project coming up and this looks pretty helpful.
  4. Great video - storyboarding has always been a challenge for me, but I love your approach - very inspiring. Thanks, and hope to see many more!
  5. I'm in a similar predicament. Freelance work was pretty abundant over the past 3 years, but then in September it just started to dry up and now it's very sporadic. Clients in financial difficulties, shrinking budgets, etc. With 2 kids, mortgage and bills to pay, etc., and with very little freelance money coming in lately, I have struggled to pay the CC bill this year. Unless things pick up soon, I'm not going to be able to pay it any more, and I guess I'll have to go back to CS5 and accept that I'm locked out of all my current and recent projects, which is a bit of a kick in the nuts. A lot of people kind of scoff at you if you say you can't afford the 50 bills a month - I guess until that situation is staring you in the face, it's hard to imagine not being able to swing it. Anyway - I doubt things will change on Adobe's end. Here's hoping the economy picks up. Feck.
  6. I knew there was a silver lining in there somewhere. Thanks to this strangely misnomered "update" that unexpectedly installed entirely new and separate versions of all the software, I can still use my Red Giant plugins in CC. Fabulous. ;-)
  7. Ugh, time to copy over plugins, scripts, preferences, yada yada. What a pain in the arse.
  8. @hyp Same thought here. I thought the incremental updates were just that, but now I've got two versions of everything on my machine. Yay...
  9. I pretty much use the exact method kitkats described. I usually send files either with YouSendit or Dropbox, sometimes posted to Vimeo with a password. For some reason it feels like it's an old, clunky method, but it still works fine. I was getting some emails recently about a site called "Wipster" who offer an online service that allows clients to annotate your WIP videos and so on. Looks interesting, but to be honest, I find sending a preview file and having an email/phone feedback discussion is all that's required.
  10. Yeah, if they had tiered subs based around the old bundles, like Production Premium, etc., that would be easier to swallow. I'm paying for a whole bunch of stuff I don't need or use. If they wanted, say, $30 a month for the Production Premium applications, that would go a long way to making a lot of people happier, I think.
  11. Great post, Zook. Couldn't agree more. When you're freelancing and the work is coming in, it's all good; but that $60 (with tax in Canada) per month becomes an issue if you're having a dry spell and you have a mortgage to pay, family to feed, etc., etc. Feels like being held hostage. I like the Maxon model better, too. Give us some choice.
  12. There is a ripple edit tool of sorts - if you've trimmed your layer to a certain duration, you can click in the semi-transparent parts of the layer and slide your footage in place. The cursor turns into a double-headed arrow when the option is available, if I recall correctly. [EDIT: sorry, I'm pretty much describing a slip edit above, not a ripple edit.] Some keyboard shortcuts that are handy for moving stuff around, off the top of my head: J and K - skip to previous/next keyframe. I and O - skip to in and out points of your layer respectively. alt+ [ ] - trim layer to current time indicator Hold down alt and use the left/right arrow keys to nudge selected keyframes left and right by one frame increments Hold down alt and shift and use the left right arrow keys to move selected keyframes in 10 frame increments Hold down alt and use page up and page down to move selected layers by one frame increments Hold down alt and shift and use page up and page down to move layers by 10 frame increments Probably well-known keyboard shortcuts to many, but thought I'd throw them out there anyway.
  13. Just a thought - did you copy and paste the code from a web page? That will sometimes cause problems - best to paste in a text editor first, then cut and paste from there.
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