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  1. Try trapcode particullar: but if your realistic mean is sooooo realistic i think one of 3d software packages is the choice.. if you need more advance particle control i suggested realflow
  2. By d way.. I'm curious why you use 'fill' effect for your text layers.. If your intention to alter your texts color, why you didnt use its builtin color attribute since your fill effect will affect your text's alpha and cause it to become "chrunchy"
  3. check your interpretation footage role is it square pixel or something else...? it has to be match
  4. Hmmmn.... Ok i've dig your project file and i've update the project file to include my solution: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1357380_...undAlpha_V3.zip and here the simplified version: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1357393_...V3_simplify.zip hope it give the best way to describe our topic here sory for the late post i've trouble with my connection.. my whole networks going down.. that turned all my render nodes falling apart i have to fix it all night before i able to back online..
  5. Try to split frame horizontally into 2 parts.. half bottom with the carpet and halp top for faces key each of parts then combine later after keying.. so when you try knock the carpet it wont knock the faces
  6. Have you compared the result of your direct compositing.. with my precompose stuff .. The reason i suggested those precomposes thing is that it could affect the render result.. if you do compositing with alpha edit within one composition for straight alpha the rendered video will seem to be aliased (chrunchy) around its alpha edge area. But if you precompose layers and do alpha edit on its parent it will look nice and might suit your presentation need
  7. Try this The key is that you have to render your composition with staright alpha.. Create composition with your text layers Place that composition above your background image Precompose those two layers. Again place once again your text composition here it will become your alpha source Apply 'set matte' Fx to your precomposed layer. Set take matte layer to text composed layer and make sure use for matte set to alpha channel. In composition monitor it will knockout the background image and will leave you only those texts visible. But if you change view mode to RGB staight it will still show the background. Time to render. add this composition to render queue. Set color attribut inside output module to straight(unmatted). If you view the rendered video on regular player it will still show your background but it has an alpha. When you import back to AE it will depend on your footage interpretation setting Hope it help
  8. There is a vray for maya also.. Everything depend on your production pipeline.. Pick what best suit yours.. What best is to pick whatever that has good portability, and f coz easy to use.. So if you sumday has to do any migration you won't get so much troubles.. Cuz the most valuable thing is your time(money cant buy)
  9. I think the way to learn maya is not really complicated.. What i realize whenever i in a learning stage of maya, i feel it just like learn other 3D software packages.. I think why peoples said maya complicated is because its default user interface.. It scared me also by the first time i saw it..
  10. In my production pipeline.. I use realflow with maya-unlimited I pick maya because it has good integration with adobe product like photoshop and illustrator, maya know psd layers and illustrator curve, you may import animated camera from maya into aftereffects. For simple water generation i use maya dynamic and maya fluid feature. And when came into complex fluid or gas simulation i run realflow And for rendering i count on mentalray renderer bundled with maya. it able to create good realistic images. Able to simulate real light phenomena with global illumination and finalgather also support HDRI. And it came with some good special shader.
  11. That is a terribly sad news.. Hiks... hiks...
  12. If you seen a squence of images (screenshot) from a movie posted by someone (if those are realy just images)..then those images are frames captured from the movie (just screen of animation while it is playing)
  13. If you use AE.. Then its like what Flow said.. As simple as adding to render queue and press render button.. If you want to change video file setting (compression, format, etc.) in the render queue click link next to output module
  14. By the way.. What application you are currently use?
  15. Yeah i agree with you smith.. Since there is no standard tool available within AE to create smoke as efficient as particullar.. Why dont you ask your client to buy it.. If your client want to hav a nice work then he has to spend more money.. Not by getting you dirtier.. I believe you havent sleep all week thinking of it.. no pain no gain no money ask your client to do it by himself LOL Dont push your self to much dud
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