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  1. ... ok I had my coffee, just use Sketch-and-toon [media='']http://realethan.s3.amazonaws.com/outline2.mp4[/media]
  2. Try duping the object, and applying Atom-array. Set spheres and cylinders to the same size, and slap a luminance only texture on it. edit: just re-read... you dont want it to show when facing. You may be able jimmy the technique above using the camera clipping settings.
  3. From a software/tech perspective I use toDoMatrix on my Blackberry: it rocks. But any system is vulnerable to garbage-in-garbage-out; I use the GTD methodology to keep my head clear and all my "stuff" in the right place.
  4. jaan that's great advice... I do find myself fixating on one small element then realizing that I've just blown an hour on it... getting the entire thing together and then adding the polish and sizzle later make sense.. yoni thanks for the encouragement... Ya 10 years does seem like I should have all of the xp I need ... but it was all the same ,middle-of-the-road, green-screen composite training videos... day in and out. No, I didn't shoot the video. This is AE work only for me. As for the video/audio quality... no comment. I'm not entirely sure my client doesn't read these boards Just as another point of example, here was my progress on this same video yesterday. I spent about 4 more hours on it... HOL006_JDB _b2_recomp.mov thanks again for everyone's feedback!! -Ethan
  5. Hiya! I've just started doing motion-graphics freelance and picked up a couple of strong clients. Their initial requirements were creatively brain-dead, and very easy to do (hey, it's paying the bills). Recently I've been slowly pushing some new, more contemporary (and more complicated) ideas their direction and they've been freaking out, their clients love the new looks. Problem is, I just moved to freelance from a VERY cush mograph job of nearly 10-dam-years where I did the same thing day-in and day-out. I knew _exactly_ how long everything took to produce and met all of my deadlines in spades. This new stuff I'm doing has spun me for a loop. It seems like I'm spending WAYYY too much time on projects, and comps should be coming together faster. I'm not sure if I'm still getting my "sea-legs" or if this stuff really takes that much longer to produce. So I guess I'm looking for a "plumb-line" from the pro's here as to how long different types of projects generally take you to complete. Here is an unfinished sample of the type of work I'm doing (no music, audio-rough, not all titles in etc). http://bigmucho.com/HOL006.mov I've got roughly 4-5 hours of work invested in this so far. And this seems to be on-par with other similar commercials I've done recently. Am I spending too much time on these? Some of the stuff I see on this board blows my mind, and I couldn't imagine how much time/work is involved... Thanks in advance from a mograph new-guy! -Ethan
  6. Thanks for the feedback... It would seem with H.264 we're talking about the same video, different players. As 264, if it looks good in a QT player, it will look good in your Flash player/app. Player performance varies based on how the FLA was coded in my experience (with VP6 at least).... Opening the player to H.264 would seem to contradict this point. My work is delivered exclusively over the web (I do mograph for a web based educational software co). So I need the broadest use player available... so Flash is really my only option. http://www.adobe.com/products/player_census/flashplayer/ (Adobe's own data, so take it w) a grain of salt) /Agree I guess I'll wait a bit until player 9.0.115 get to about 80-90% and revisit the idea.
  7. I've noticed that many of your reels are QT based. I know these (depending on codec) look better than VP6 FLV, but the QT player doesn't have the same market penetration. Have any of you played around with delivering .MP4/H.264 video through the latest Flash player? The video quality is dynamite, and requires no trasncoding if H.264 is already part of your work flow. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/ar...ash_player.html Problem is, the player is still quite new and there is the risk of alienating some viewers. I'd love to hear your thoughts / experiences. thanks, Ethan
  8. BigMucho

    First Reel

    Hiya! I've recently started freelancing after working at an Education software company for 7+ years... so it's been a LONG time since I've done any self promotion. I'd love for you guys to give me your thoughts on my reel and how I can make it more effective: Http://www.BigMucho.com thanks a bunch! Ethan
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