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    [b]Kupon[/b] is the creative persona of designer, director and animator Matthew Roberts. <br /> <br />Please [email="matthew.kupon@gmail.com"]contact me[/email]
  1. HI I am currently making a film - and have a section in the middle that is based on a video game - like an endless Runner. It's sort of Mario like or maybe more like Canabalt or It is a video, but needs to feel video game like. My Scene is 17 seconds long and has to fit a certain amount of things in to make the narrative make sense. I am currently blocking in the action - and don't know the best way to get a decent scroll look. I am going to try a master scroll null (possibly parented to a slider control). I might also try using he offset effect. does anyone have any wisdom on this? it would help me process. I am very short on time, - any tips very much appreciated
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