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  1. very cool leah! suggestion: Could you resize your future videos to a smaller rez. maybe dump it in flash player w/ the full screen option. IMO its to large. Awesome nonetheless and I appreciate your efforts
  2. http://www.azrul.com/products/jom-comment.html looks good... Why didnt you consider wordpress if its just to show some articles/artwork + comments? Joomla is nice and robust, but depending on the usage it may be overkill... just my suggestion..
  3. did the updates for AE? Check your plugins as well. Try to get it opening pre-addition of plugins before installing them. just my first thoughts if you havent tried already
  4. It normally has a little check box for "footage" or "comp".. If you drag it into AFX it'll just slap it in as footage vs double clicking in the project panel and importing the file.. *i think i'm right.. dont have AFX in front of me to test.. but thats what I vaugely remember..
  5. It would be relative to the individual. You're still home w/ your parents, so you have room to bounce around since you have a safety net. If money is most important at this moment in time, then go for the job.. if its not, then linger and hope you find something.. IMO, its better to have something than nothing.. If another place contacts you then just give a 2weeks notice and move on.. at least you'll have some $$
  6. Hey ryan, Thanks for the tut! I did notice however that when you're on the door page http://sketchypictures.com/tutorials/cinem.../door/door.html , and try to click on the Cinema4d in the menu, it takes you to: http://sketchypictures.com/(null)/(null) you may want to fix that Thanks again
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbvP7dT3Dx0 very bizzare...
  8. I actually do almost the same.. I have wireless keyboard and place the tablet(medium) on top of the mbp(17") keys *disable trackpad + cut on numlock to avoid accidental key presses while pressing on the tablet*.. it works well and a very enjoyable device..
  9. To add to Tim's post: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Firmware_Interface <- Mac's use http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BIOS <-PC's
  10. Fair.. I know that I'm wrong.. I was just pulling the view of Tiger into a larger discussion and trying to reach for more "ammo".. He bowed out after the first blow.. I figured i'd put up a little fight to see how long the match would go..
  11. I guess the 'other side' would be they were doing something that the NK guards found "offensive" yet we dont hear about it.. Again there are 3 sides. and my points were not to be taken so intimately.. Tiger made a point and I figured why not.. Lets be the "devils advocate" and see where it goes.. I must say that this thread has gotten quite a bit of views relative to other posts as it would be more interesting to debate than it would be to continuously say the same thing over and over... *edit* You're right, they were caught stealing or smuggling and they were trying to make a change.. I commend them and think it is needed, but with that comes risk.. and they were just in a fucked up spot.. With that being said its easy for me to side seat drive since I'm not there. */edit* You dont watch a game knowing the outcome.. you watch the battle between opponents and enjoy.. same applies in threads in which there are opposing views.. "Trolling" is not what I'm doing.. I dont hop in a bunch of threads just to stir up controversy.. I have made what about 60 some odd posts and this is the only "controversial" post i've made.. So defining me as "trolling" is not valid..*maybe you were referring to others.. We were not there.. We are getting news 3rd party.. just like religion! but we will not go down that path.. Anyhow.. no harm no foul.. What I thought would turn into an interesting discussion did not. Nothing wrong with that, but I see that ones opinion is not taken into consideration if it does not "fit the mold". So I wont "troll" unless I feel adamant about a particular subject, but regardless I value everyones opinion and views and my posts will reflect such. So I hope all turns out well for those 2 ladies as it is unfortunate...
  12. Fair.. Thanks.. I was just stirring the pot Hopefully i'm not placed in a spot for others to not help me 'cause of this thread.. I know I may need some help in the near future and would hope I could find refuge here..
  13. >.< yep I did assume you were female as the image in your avatar and name sounded feminine. And yes it was a joke and I'm glad you noticed it as such. No.. there was no failure here sir.. This is an adult conversation with people who have sense and respect of others.. At least is that wrong for me to assume that as well? Whats up with the bashing? This isnt high school..
  14. Student + Developer discount http://developer.apple.com/membership/northamerica.html click the link thats in the first section "ADC Hardware Purchase Program Store".. You can see the prices... To qualify do the following: 1. Be a student.. or know a student that will probably not buy an apple machine since this is a 1 time lifetime discount. The student still qualifies for student discounts, but not the student developer discount. 2. Sign up as a student developer ($99).. Then fax over proof if ID+schedule to apple, you'll get the email after you buy the student dev deal. 3. Buy mac 4.. profit! Esentially I got a retail MP w/ 8GB ram + Radeon card + wifi for the cost of the retail w/ 6GB ram / Nvidia / no wifi.. Actually I got it cheaper than that since it starts @ $3200 and my total + tax was $3108..
  15. This turned into a debate and I'm just playing the other side. I agree in regard that they are "poker chips".. I'm just reaching outside the box and looking in from another angle.. that fair? I also agree with each of your statements as well.. I dont know anything about the border as I've never been, so I'm speaking in regard to the information that was provided to me. @ Sao.. I dont have any first hand source that says they were across the border.. and in quick glance - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/06/08/u...k_n_212760.html there were others but we dont know all of their stories... We research and discuss to get the 3 sides.. Kinda like a jury right? So, are we here to debate and deem a reasonable "solution" or are you 100% right and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong? We are still humane humans outside the internet right?
  16. Right they were trying something and knew the risks.. Again, it sucks majorly and I hope they somehow make it back soon.. I do have a heart btw... This debate would suck if it was one sided
  17. Listen, I see both sides.. I feel bad for the girls I truly do, but in hindsight its consequences. Yes N.Korea is a "fuked up" place, but we know that right? So why put yourself in that situation? "If you play with fire, you get burned" - Not always the case if you know how to handle it. If you know what you could "get away" with whilst dealing w/ N.Korea, you'd be better prepared and not be "burned". Let look @ the dude who went to N.Korea (VRB) or some jazz, I dont quite recall the site name. But he went, filmed.. and is home.. Something that is (as far as I know) forbidden in N.Korea. Apparently he knew what was up and figured out how to "play with fire". I'm not trying to say that they get what they deserve 'cause there are always 3 sides to a story. As of this moment in time I feel as though maybe they shouldnt have gotten that close? Yes, I would like more detail by someone who may know a bit more and can shed some more light.. Maybe I'm missing some more details? lol @ govinda.. (stereotyping) women arent supposed to be logical.. get back in the kitchen! (/sterotype)
  18. Even though its tough to accept I PARTIALLY agree w/ tiger... You are grown adults.. not 4-5yr olds still learning what is right and what is wrong. You stick your hand in fire, you get burnt.. right? Its sad the situation they are in and my heart goes out to their family. The other part of me says "you asses.. wtf did you think was gonna happen if you "got caught" "? Why should "we" bail you out 'cause you fuked up? Its great and all to push the envelope, but be aware of the circumstances. They KNEW(ok, had a good idea of) what would happen if they got caught.. It was a risk they were apparently willing to take.. They didnt "win".. therefore they lost... big... Noone is helping me when I loose a plethora of money in the stock market.. Where is my "ohh.. i made a poor decision so gimme my money back" check? Exactly..... I do feel bad for them tho.. Thats just the logical me speaking up there
  19. Binky, Interestingly I just ordered a MP from apple.. Just mentioning it.. I believe deepomega has answered your initial question though.
  20. Only caveat is its a 1 time lifetime discount.. I used a friends student ID to get mine (2800 laptop down to 2300)..
  21. http://www.jingproject.com is what I use on PC.. and ScreenFlow for mac
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