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  1. Are you in indonesia now? If not, swing by their office and meet them face to face... JMO
  2. This actually makes me feel like the stuff I've been doing is great! gonna bookmark it and look at it when I get a little discouraged...
  3. http://www.precursorstudio.com/ u'll probably have to go to archive.org and dig up an older copy..
  4. ctrl+right click the file and choose "open with"... then select after effects and make sure that you have the checkbox below with "open with this app by default" something along those lines.
  5. same here.... Even though i'm not in the mograph field professionally, I do enjoy learning and playing w/ AFX - so i buy if i can afford it. Maybe it'll turn into a profession, but until it can pay the bills i'll have to stick to being an engineer. one of my fav quotes by Anon: "Taking something off the internet is like taking pee out of a pool"
  6. How about using flash? Your only limitation would be iphone users and other handhelds which dont support the flash player.
  7. get a camera and go out to the desert 'n film... make sure you lay on the ground and keep your hand still and level.. then mask the dirt out and lay it over... should work good... or do what everyone else said... just thought i'd throw in another option
  8. Normally there is a negotiation period which is to discuss your compensation.. See if they offer 401k and whats their matching percentage + when are you vested.. are you married and have kids? See if they offer health insurance.. What other benefits do they offer?.. Remember that your salary needs to cover your expenses + have a little "spending/saving" money.... dont let them lower your salary drastically in lieu of benefits unless you can survive with whatever you negotiate... Key things that have kept me "doing good" with negotiations are: 1st person to blurt a number is "the looser"... ex: Company has a budget of 70-80k for the position. They dont tell you this and ask you what you made before.. You made 45k... They'll offer 50k 'cause its more than what you were making and you would most likely say yes since its a salary increase for you and they just saved the company a nice chunk of money.. Well this is how it would/should go down.. HR: Hello mr smith, what were you making at your last position and what is your salary requirements? you: Well I was compensated well based on the job functions and responsibility.. What is the salary range for the position that you are offering? now the ball is in HR's court to spit out a number.. if they are playing hardball 'cause they know this process, they'll pass up giving a number and at some point you'll just have to spit out a number.. BUT! that is not always the case.. What you are hoping for is HR to say: hr: Well we are looking to hire for this position with a salary range of 70-80k in which you would reply.. you: hmmmm... ok... thats within my range.. I was looking at about 77k.... (which is in their range, but they want to "win" in this negotiation process so you shoot for the topmost so they can negotiate you down... which is ok right? ) hr: Well we offer 401k with 5% matching, 100% covered health/dental/vision, 2weeks paid vacation, 2 personal days, 4 sickdays, blah lbha blah....Would you be willing to accept 75? you: sure.. that sounds good since the benefits seem pretty good... now thats the ideal scenario... you'd have to play it by ear based on your situation and whatnot.... Just giving you what i've done and it has been very effective... ok i'd type some more but i need to go walking with the mrs 'n kids so i'll be back.. *not proofreading.. hope it all makes sense..
  9. Calculate how much you would be loosing and factor that into your salary.. When negotiating, explain that to them since they are cutting a main source of income and that you require to make $XYZ. If they cannot and their budget is for $ABC, then explain that you will be able to function and do your job, but that you cant live w/o making XYZ and you will have to still have this "2nd job".. JMO
  10. I'd assume you could use Particular for such a task... Pre-Comp it, then create a solid 'n use particular.. Then use the precomp as the source? I'm just guessing ATM.. but that sounds like it'll work...
  11. hot sex for my machine.. thanks for the hard work..
  12. boooooo boooooo.. what is this the US presidential election?.... booooo...
  13. Having problems importing this... any ideas?
  14. I dont think it'll be HD only.. in fact, i'm sure its not.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATSC_Standards http://www.atsc.org/faq/faq_general.html that should help.
  15. canadian subliminal message...
  16. lol @ the countless threads.. I say someone just start one...
  17. looks Saizenish... will check it out... *edit* o yea it is... minus the lens flair.. http://saizenmedia.com/cmivfx/ cool!
  18. Thanks for creating it
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