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  1. beau+++

    A padded reel?

    Wow has it really been 8 whole years since my 800th post?
  2. I used to have like 8 troll accounts in 2007. This place stopped being fun when I forgot the passwords
  3. Dave have you had any issues so far though?
  4. It goes something like this: Supervisor/AD: "In this shot we need to make sure the viewer is looking at this part of the screen so the relevant story information comes across loud and clear" Artist: "No problem!" (lists 30-40 cool super-intricate things that meet that criteria) Supervisor/AD: "Those all sound awesome! I forgot to mention, this shot needs to be submitted for final in about 15 minutes. Can you make it happen?" Artist: "...grumble." (pops open Saved Animation Presets panel, Apply "Simple_Blink_22.ffx")
  5. I've spent the better part of the last 3 years doing faux UI for film (most notable being Avatar and a certain movie being released around March 23rd whose name cannot be mentioned here). Everything Aaron speaks is truth. At the end of the day the functional stuff rarely gets approved, in favor of the "whizz-bang". I also find that for some reason a lot of clients simply want DOS-like rehashes (lots of terminal windows). This isn't to say it's not fun, but if you value good, functional UI then Film ain't the place to be. Sometimes you get lucky and the team + budget work out in your favor and you can truly do something spectacular, but it's the exception not the rule unfortunately in my experience. After months of design, one big name director who will remain nameless specifically sent me the note "Don't make it usable. It doesn't need to look like it's doing anything". For obvious reasons, this can be frustrating. I've also thought about making a generic reusable AE template for these things, but ultimately moved on to other things instead. I probably sound jaded here, so I should clarify doing UI is fun as hell... until it comes time for revisions
  6. Hey all, It's been a long time since I posted round these parts. I've seen a couple of you post your iOS apps here and thought I'd do the same. So, here goes: Our new app, Anthm is an iOS app that lets you control the music in the places you go. Put simply, the host of a party plugs his iPhone/iPad into some speakers, fires up Anthm and follows the onscreen instructions to log into Rdio (our music provider). The host and only the host needs an Rdio account (free ones work just fine). People in the host's location can then check-in to the party on Anthm and start voting music up and down the queue, AND request from any of Rdio's 12million+ songs. It's basically a jukebox, if jukeboxes were completely kickass. And, it's completely free. Here's a couple articles that were written about us today: http://techcrunch.com/2012/02/20/bad-taste-in-music-crowdsource-your-next-party-playlist-with-anthm/ http://betakit.com/2012/02/21/anthm-launches-social-jukebox-app And here's our site: http://www.AnthmApp.com (video made by me) And finally, here's the link to our app on iTunes if any of you guys are interested: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anthm-powered-by-rdio/id500582930?mt=8 Would love some feedback from you mograph peeps!
  7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm getting all kinds of site-rendering problems viewing your site in Chrome. It seems to vary on every load. A few screens of weirdness I'm seeing:
  8. I just checked out the linescreator manual and it looks like it's creating a shape layer for every line, not just using the Beam effect. I can't be bothered to actually grab the demo so I may be wrong. For those that missed my post back in '09 - when I was doing a bunch of those snazzy interface graphics for Avatar the designs had lines all over the place that we had to match. We didn't have access to C4D (in which case I would've used the Tracer), so we were connecting hundreds of little nodes using the Beam effect. We found that with a little comp organization things actually started working smoothly. Here's a slightly modified post of mine from 2009: Hope that helps someone.
  9. - Make sure your head object is editable. - Select all polys. Functions->Disconnect. Uncheck Preserve Groups. - Toss the head object into a Fracture Object. - In the Fracture Object change the mode to Explode Segments. - With the Fracture Object still selected, go to the Objects menu (the one in your Object Manager) and select Current State to Object. - Now you'll have a Null with each poly as a separate object as a child. Hope that helps.
  10. Definitely possible using TP. The only hard part is going to be that curl at the end. I think the easiest way will probably be to have the particles follow a curled spline. Could use Spline Dynamics to add some turbulence to spline maybe? Another option is to have a small invisible sphere following in the middle of the curl, and stick some Gravity on it to "attract" the particles so the particles kind of shoot past it then get caught in the gravity and loosely orbit around the invisible sphere before dying?
  11. I'm a little lost on the specifics of what you're trying to do, but here's some general places to look. Use PMatterwaves to generate your TP. There's an Object field and a Selection field you can use to have particles come out of your neck selection (unless I'm misunderstanding what you want to do here). Have a second particle group birthed from the ground surface. Should be able to stick both particle groups into the Tracer Object and select "Connect Elements" or something like that. Will take some experimenting. ExplosionFX deformer?
  12. Says in the comments they're hoping to release it before year's end. Looks promising. http://vimeo.com/31595435
  13. No offense to anyone already using a Hackintosh as your primary workstation, but seriously to go that route instead of just using Windows 7...you are just ASKING for trouble. To all the folks considering switching to PC now, please for chrissakes just don't do a hackintosh. Windows and OSX are not that different from each other. Just learn how to use it. A hackintosh is hands down the least reliable of all options available to you. Fine for personal computers, but for something you need to work on every day? You'd be nuts...NUTS I TELLS YA!
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