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  1. Many, many thanks for your input, very appreciated and helpful. I definetly got the vision part set up, it's the dealing with people part I need to work on.
  2. I don't have that much experience as a director, been doing primarily mograph for years and it's still a field I'm trying to work myself into. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I directed a spot, my first 'big' directing gig. I brought along a good friend of mine who's a photographer. I though it would be cool to get some behind the scenes photos. He's a really enthusiastic guy and in the middle of everything he came up to me with a bunch of ideas for the spot. I'm not sure he knows what a director is supposed to do, and directors work in different ways I suppose, but for me it's difficult to change things in the middle of everything, especially when you already know what you wanna do. Not to mention scrips, storyboards etc. I basically turned down his ideas, one by one, and might have come across as a rude asshole. Surely I will face similar situations in the future, so my question is; how do you handle this type of situation? Turning down others ideas without sounding like a dick?
  3. Why so few replies?... I guess there's not much to say, considering that his is a very good reel! props to you.
  4. Erik

    missign frames

    I might be off here but try renaming the sequence?
  5. the intro is effing sweet!! It's a little short, but overall a very nice reel.
  6. 2'nd post here after some major lurking http://www.viniciuscosta.tv/
  7. Wish I could, but I get way too sleepy and uncreative
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