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  1. I can't ... too rad ... mind melted
  2. AE CS6 for life son ... But CC 2014 has scored major points with me after the last update
  3. I also saw this ... https://selz.com/ but I've never seen anyone use it before
  4. Vimeo seems to be an easier avenue since you can just distribute them without having to have a teaching surface ok and endorse it But I'd definitely be willing to throw you some cash for some more binky knowledge
  5. Ok (super long reply post by person imminent ... you have been warned) kitkats My 1st gen 12 core finally gave out under the weight of rendering, travel and just overall abuse (not that I abuse my machines but 6 years of rendering hasn't helped). The only reason the nMP was even on the table as an option is the discount my roommate gets on apple products ... 25% off an expensive ass machine makes that price tag hurt a bit less. Looks generally don't dictate the decision but I've grown use to the mac look and OS. Software licenses would be a costly issue so that isn't exactly helping but if I gotta pay it, I gotta pay it. I think the iMac might not have the horsepower I need and the 5k monitor seems kinda excessive when the GPU's kinda suck. Finally if Todd Kopriva says no then I'm not gonna push for the AMD chipset scofield I have no issues with a PC it's just I have no idea how to build them. I also don't have to tech knowledge to troubleshoot them AromaKat I think we're at a point now where both have their pros and cons (hopefully no mac/pc wars start out of this). Looks don't really matter but the machine needs to deliver. I'll look into a DNxHD workflow (got any tips I'd appreciate it) but I'll definitely give the PC a second look simonfarussell Apples switch to AMD kinda surprises me, you'd think with NVIDIA's lock on the pro-software market jumping chipsets would be a poor business decision. Then again I think Apple doesn't care about the pro user. I've heard mixed review about rendering on the AMD GPU's and it kinda scares me vozzz mah brotha from another motha - Yeah the clock score on the chips on the nMP are horrible foughtthelaw Yeah it seems the gap for the Mac Pro and iMac are closing pretty rapidly, then again we've seen this for a while. Good find with the article duder scott frizzle yeah the AMD GPU set makes the nMP kinda a deal breaker unless you edit in FCPx and don't need to calculate alot basilisk That's actually my biggest concern with the 5k iMac ... with the system driving that 5k monitor, whats the viewport performance in a 3d application? It seems (logically) that viewport performance would take a major nosedrive in order to keep the monitor working. So if I went the iMac route I'd buy the old one with the NVIDIA cards and the 2k screen. RVA8 Your workflow is actually what I want. It's at the point where the PC is great for rendering and the heavier 3d files, but the Mac could be used for design and AE. As I respond to these I have given up on the nMP and if I stay Apple i'll get the older iMac's (which should be fine) and then throw some cash at building a nice PC over the next year or two. Also I'm in NYC too so I feel you on the whole apartment thing ... guys thank you so much for all of your help I've gotten alot to think about and I think I have a good idea of what I'm gonna do. Now it's time to crunch the numbers and give my 12 core the viking funeral it deserves. Silver lining in all of this is that at least I can write this off on my taxes. - Florio
  6. Hey Duders, So last week my Mac Pro 12 core finally died and now I'm on the lookout for a new box for mograph and VFX stuff. So I guess now is the inevitable stupid question ... What should I buy next? Should I buy the trashcan or an iMac? I was thinking PC and I'll probably end up doing it later but I don't wanna quite leave the ProRes workflow yet I figured you guys would have some input since you've probably been in the same pickle Thanks in advance -Florio
  7. So after playing in Yosemite this weekend I haven't had any (major issues) ... C4d and VRay work fine AE and Photoshop haven't had any issues Still on the ProRes pipeline so playback hasn't been an issue Biggest issue is I'm noticing that Yosemite eats up more RAM than Mavericks so I'm purging more I'm stick dickin around with it but seems ok (asides from being very iOS-y) And mgrvsh, Long live snow leopard, we will never forget how well it worked -Florio
  8. I'm gonna test it this weekend on my laptop but so far I haven't heard anyone having major issues also AE has been verified on yosemite
  9. dropbox is still the winner in this bout has anyone tried the storage space you get with adobe cc? ~Florio
  10. Dude ... Vanessa's dumplings Nuff' Said ~Florio
  11. hmmmmmmm queso https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UQUzP3Mkpw ~Florio
  12. Right now I'm trying both Cineform and DNxHD ... lets see what happens. But if you guys have any incite, everything helps Thanks guys ~Florio
  13. Sao Bento: Cineform sounds pretty groovy ... we've switched to premiere so the FCP7 wonk-i-ness shouldn't be an issue (at least I hope) Todd Kopriva: 99% of what we do is 1080p, I'm a C4d/AE artist but we've been dabbling in Nuke. And yes I'm look for an intermediate file codec. The skinny is lately I'll be exporting tons of scenes and I'll be limited in render power since we only have a few mac pros (its required to render in ProRes) este.eri: FCP is dying out, I'm hoping some people will give some incite on what formats they use Thanks Duders ~Florio
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