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  1. Do not like the font, too hard to read for this old man.
  2. Fotolia http://us.fotolia.com/Info/Contents/Videos Digital Bard http://www.digibard.org Motion Elements http://www.motionelements.com/ Clip Canvas http://www.clipcanvas.com/applications/clipcanvas/index.aspx
  3. Speaking of Motion Graphics Books... There are a number of CS4 books I've been interested in, but cash is tight so I haven't gotten around to ordering any of them. The wife has gotten heavy into "renting" DVD movies from the library, so she talked me into getting a library card so that we can get twice as many movies each week. They don't have any books on After Effects, so I asked about that and they told me there was a place on their web site for requesting books that they don't have. So, I filled out the form (several times) for various books on After Effects and Cinema 4D. And I got an email back today letting me know that all 6 books I requested have been ordered and are on hold in my name. When they come in, I'll get an email. So, uh... Try your local library and see how things work there.
  4. I have been talking to the wife about going back to school to take courses in Motion Graphics, Film making, etc.. with an eye towards a degree or certification. Since I'll still have to work for a living, I'm looking for recommendations on online schools/programs. Thanks!
  5. I have no problem with people that I disagree with. I have a problem with people who bring nothing intelligent to the conversation.
  6. Stereotype much? I'm a little bit darker than that (hispanic) and I have a number of African American friends who play. The correct stereotype has already been identified... "nerdz" which transcends skin color (or gender).
  7. I started in first beta and my wife, daughter and I play at least 2 to 4 hours a weekend (granted I play a bit more than they do, as a leader in a raiding guild). I was out of work when I first moved to Kansas for about 7 months and I leveled up most of my chars to 60 then. When BC launched I was working, but I took a 5 day vacation to race my gnome mage to 70. After that it was just a few hours at a time on each until they all hit 70.
  8. Five alliance 70's and 3 horde 70's on Baelgun. I'll be in line at midnight.
  9. Lost a couple of contracts when two customers decided to close shop this week. And my biggest client let me know after I finish up a current project, they are done spending until next year. Since I had to get a refund on C4D R11, I'm was hoping the extra $$$ would allow me to get a Cineversity subscription, but I'll have to keep struggling along with the free one. I hope Maxon offers a $99 Christmas signup or something in the hopes of getting more recurring customers signed up. At least I still have enough web programming work paid for through the end of the year.
  10. Woohoo! Got invited to a democratic "watch party" at the Governor's mansion tonight. Should be fun. I'm gonna bug as many people as I can about changing Kansas to split Electoral votes like Nebraska and Maine. I think if every state did that, you wouldn't be able to win the electoral college without popular vote any more and it might make every candidate adopt a 50 state strategy.
  11. I did a write in for Bill Clinton. Why vote for Obama who's only half-black when you can get a real black president back into the whitehouse. On a more serious note, I was very saddened this morning to not see ANY young people in line where I voted. I hope they get off their butts and vote. I did see about 200% more minorities in line than I've ever seen at that location. Glad to see them raising their voices. No issues of intimidation or polling machine problems. Just a 40 minute line, which wasn't bad.
  12. I haven't found it useful for anything with any kind of complexity. It's not so bad when I create 3D text in C4D and export it.
  13. Or you can include a clause in your contract that allows you to use your client's logos.
  14. I'm still waiting for the network plugin straight to my brain.
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