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  1. If I came to a contemporary fine art forum and asked "could someone explain to me Jeff Koons golden Michael Jackson" and you said "if you don't like it don't look at it".... ...i would be disappointed. http://www.sfmoma.org/images/artwork/large/91.1_01_b02.jpg
  2. http://vimeo.com/lawebdecanada I'm trying to keep an open mind here but so far its just been a bunch of hipster shit for 2 years now. Throw a bunch of random stuff in front of the camera with a few arbitrarily naked girls, and BAM! "AMAZING FUCKING VIDEO!!" I don't get it.
  3. Hey there I'm looking to join a typeface community and I'm wondering if anyone is able invite to Pilo.me? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  4. Time to rent Titanic For what its worth I'll post my experience. I went with a 42 Panasonic Plasma for color/black levels, use it to game all the time. Even had it paused for 10-15min and the burnt image goes away quickly. Though this is probably after it was broken in... Sometimes I envy my brother's projector's giant image, but I always come back to loving how crisp and bright an actual screen is =) Only thing I don't like about Plasmas is the heat they give off and how heavy it is. Could be nice in a cold climate though. "Come along kids, lets huddle around the Plasma for warmth"
  5. Taxi driver gets fed up of traffic and goes on rampage with iGun app. Love how he laughs at the end, hilarious. The LOL feed has some occasional jems if you looking for laugh, though its mostly low brow raunch. http://www.buzzfeed.com/badges/lol
  6. I feel embarrassed for him. Thanks for sharing though, I lold. There really is an audience for everything. The comments especially made me laugh hard. There's a couple of self-proclaimed "industry vets" that come to the Pfaff's defense, but their work is just as bad as his. Oh the icing on the cake, I love it.
  7. Awesome thanks all, My setup is now: Win7-64, Firefox 3.0, running that in Vista compatibility mode. Video controls appear and playback is smooth =) http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-older.html I suppose I've stuck to Firefox simply because of the AdBlock addon, but it appears Chrome and Safari have ways of blocking them now as well. And there's always the Hosts file. http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/zero/
  8. I've tried running Vista 64 and Win7 64 and both cause quicktime to stutter, but in browsers only. Its a different from the kind of stuttering caused by a slow PC attempting to play a quicktime. In Vista 64 both Flash and Quicktime stuttered in browsers. In Win7 64 only quicktime is stuttering in browsers. I can play a mov smoothly in quicktime itself though. I've experienced this with two different machines now. Q9550 8gig ram Q6600 4gig ram Pretty frustrating =( /64bitHeadache EDIT: Solution: Revert to older Firefox. Win7-64, Firefox 3.0, running that in Vista compatibility mode. EDIT2: Quicktime still stutters if more than one Firefox window or tab is open.
  9. Win7-64bit and Vista64bit: I run firefox in Compatibility mode choosing the previous generation OS, and that gets the controls to reappear.
  10. Atrocious! I'm glad to see they want 100% still, you can't let behavior like this slide. absolutely ridiculous
  11. most def played with it at NAB and its prompted me to buy the large instead of borrowing them from work Only thing I don't like is the click-wheel illuminated dots. They represent set functions for the wheel, but its hard to see which dot is which - I'd have preferred small numbers to dots.
  12. I read a review in Post mag about the Quadro CX Supposedly made specifically for better CS4 performance. I'll believe it when I see it, but perhaps its worth researching. http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_quadro_cx_us.html http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/quadro-fx-4800,2258.html Guess tom hasn't gotten around to the CX version yet. At least with the FX cards, they seem like the same hardware as the geforce cards, but with different drivers. (AromaKats post) Dunno about the CX though shrug.
  13. Mac vs Win boils down to -how thick is your wallet -whats your preference Thats all there is to it. Done. Both OS' have problems. I've done just as many troubleshooting and reinstalling sessions on each OS. The only difference is Windows is easier to screw up - you actually have to educate users on how not to screw up windows, where a Mac is usually harder to screw up. (though people i've encountered like to rename their mac /User/<name>/ folder a lot and boy is that fun shock for them) If you're on a budget and doing lots of 3D, then of course build yourself a PC. There are only 2 prerequisites you need before building your first PC literacy the ability to plug in a lamp without shocking yourself. Google it. There are many a website and forum dedicated to helping.
  14. Taking forever to "load"? Transfer from the P2 to your comp? That's just Firewire400 being a bottleneck. (though 86gig at 400mbit/s or 50MB/s = ~30min transfer) If I remember correctly...HVX = P2 cards = DVCPROHD footage. DVCPROHD footage only has a 100mbit datarate, so you should be able to play/edit that smoothly, even multiple layers of video at a time on a 7200rpm (if thats the only hard drive activity) I'm not familiar with the PC side of video capture, but it sounds like you have to buy the DV100 codec separate from the editing software, so if you don't have that perhaps you're capturing the footage into a higher bitrate format. If your capturing uncompressed 720p, then you'll definitely want a raid when editing it...though it'd probably be cheaper just to buy a DV100 codec. Good reference material: http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support/d...l.asp?techID=62 http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support/d....asp?techID=101 http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support/d...l.asp?techID=30 (for comparison: when that last article mentions MB/sec for uncompressed video - DVCPROHD (DV100) is about 12.5MB/sec)
  15. Here's a screenshot from a coworkers Late2008 MBP Unibody 15" Model 9C85 is supposedly a Chi Mei N154C6-L04 Contrast: 800:1 Colors: 262k Tech: TN And I can afford to be anal about it when I can barely afford the laptop Part of the reason I'm dissecting the laptops is I'm deciding whether to: A) sell my 3ghz Q9550 vista64 system, and buy a high end MacbookPro as a primary system, or sell my 3ghz Q9550 vista64 system, and build a high end Core i7 system in the fall and buy a barebones portable MacbookPro, or C) keep the Q9550 and buy a mid range Macbook Pro I looked at matte and glossy screens at an apple store, on max brightness, and the matte looked very dark. I'll have to check some other stores. Right now I'm leaning toward "just get a glass screen and replace it its ever a problem." Thanks for the comments and links, its always nice to get a mograph perspective. I think a lot of the forums out there talking about this are from a still-photography standpoint. (BTW, next time you sink $2k+ into apple, check out the Apple Dev Center student membership($100). Student discounts only go up to a flat $200, where the ADC store takes a % off, which is around ~$700 for me)
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