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  1. Hey there, can anyone tell me what the maximum horizontal resolution of the mpeg2 codec is? Wikipedia and Adobe Media Encoder tell me it's 1920px. Customer tells me he's had bigger files before. whom shall i trust? thanks in advance.
  2. frie

    motionfruit reel 2010

    thanks a lot for the feedback. @ Binky, i guess you see through me... I think this comes from switching the audio-tracks during the editing process and not sticking to the first song… thought I had fixed it enough. hehe. you got me. thanks. and good point about the AE render joke - didn't think about that.
  3. hi girls and boys, my friend and me are out to get some honest feedback to our latest reel http://vimeo.com/10484340 thanks in advance.
  4. wanted to open it with firefox. Didn't work (told me the flash thing) Opened it in Safari - it worked.
  5. frie

    new site online

    thank you for the feedback guys. hehe yes - the sound guy is my brother. …and i am working on a new reel. Thank you for the input.
  6. frie

    new site online

    hello. i set up a new site. what do you think? Motionfruit
  7. Hello Boys and Girls, I've just finished the production of a music clip. now i am about to render one US Version and one EU Version and I got this email from the Music Label: ........ We would need the following info for TV included for our markets: Artist: Ólafur Arnalds Title: 3055 Album: Eulogy For Evolution Year: 2008 Length: (length of the clip) Director: Marco Zampella / Marc Böttler Video Production: Zoon Designs Music written by: Ólafur Arnalds Publishing: Burleywood Copyright: (p) 2008 The copyright is owned by Ólafur Arnalds under exclusive license to Erased Tapes Records. © 2008 Erased Tapes Records. Or you can shorten it to "© 2008 Erased Tapes Records." if there is not enough space. Please check with other TV info clips. I might have forgotten something technical... .......... I tried Google with the words "TV info clip" or "tech specs for TV" or anything. I know the usual PAL Color Bar Intro, Countdown, etc... but do you have a standard Info-Screen out there in the west that goes before the IN at 10:00:00:00? know what i mean? any references?
  8. hello. i just uploaded my first reel as a freelancer. enjoy and thanks for feedback. http://www.vimeo.com/1262283
  9. thanks a lot for your reply. i might have to find another way out.
  10. hello everybody, trapcode particular trouble... i tried to use a layer as an emitter. okay. this seems to work fine. but when i used the aux-system to trace my original paricles, it seems like the aux system doesn't recognize the chosen "emitter-layer"... aux system paricles are everywhere... is anybody out there who solved the same problem? Any Ideas? thankyou.
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